A few complaints

So it is a pretty good update, but why can’t the VNAV work during climb, it would be much easier for step climbing on ULR flights and also why doesn’t it have United 2019, it’s a pretty rad livery. Also it keeps on crashing, and don’t tell me it’s from a lot of people entering the servers because that happens every fnf. Can I have some answers please

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VNAV for climbing is a more difficult feature to do and requires quite a bit more time to program as things like speed play a big factor in that. It’ll come in the future :^)

VNAV will eventually come with climb. You can vote for the United livery you want. The crashes will eventually be fixed. Just be patient and you’ll get it.

One VNAV doesn’t work for climbing because each plane is different and requires different climb details.
Two Crashing is an issue and the devs are aware
Three idk the devs decided which liveries to put in.

As said above, this will be coming in the future. It’s much harder to control the rate of climb due to speeds and vertical speeds. You don’t want to be stalling while you’re away from your device.

The crashing is obviously a known issue and is being worked on at the moment. Please be patient; posting about this like everyone else won’t do anyone any good.

And about things not being in Infinite Flight, it’s not like they just decided not to put stuff in. It is called a process - asking about it won’t speed it up. They’re doing the best they can with the resources they have.

A chill pill is what you need bro😂the servers have been flooded due to the update server difficulties was expected, and also the United 2019 livery has been added for both 738 and 772, safe flying and hope your experience gets better in the next few days 😉

They don’t have the UAL 2019 livery on the 772

They do actually, several of them.

They do have the -200ER in the 2019 blue.


My guess is that they created the liveries before any 772’s were repainted. I believe N210UA was the first one but either way I’m very surprised they didn’t add it. Especially considering that we have an A350 in that livery.

Yeah, but not of IF

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