A few common mistakes made by pilots using atc services

@mhhodges76 I was doing some touch and goes and I was told to make right traffic and I did so, as I entered right downwind I reported my position and atc replied with “roger” now I go and turn right base and I again report my position and get “you’re already cleared to land” message but I never once received a landing clearance. I just want to know if the roger message is a clear to land or was I right to continue sending my position?

A roger is not an authorization for landing or for the option. The normal clearance implies a sequence: NHL333, number 1-2-3-…, clear to land/option runway XX. If you are doing touch and goes the ATC knows what you are doing. No need to inform him where you are: he knows this. Declaring your position will only increase his job. A first roger is just for being polite but if you continues the ATC needs to correct you. This is for expert server, in TS1 the possibility that the ATC forget to clear you for the option is high.

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Okay thank you! I wasn’t sure on that and now I have a better understanding!

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I usually keep reporting position at each leg until I receive a landing clearance. This way atc knows where I’m at and can adjust anything if needed. Also make the controller less likely to forget to clear me.

Please don’t do this. It is extremely annoying, I promise we don’t usually forget.

The first communication with the ATC is your position and your intentions (landing, touch and go, runway request). After you receive a pattern instruction you don’t need to report your position.
Don’t do that: it increases the workload of the ATC without any benefit. Look at this tutorial you will see that Mark didn’t announce his position at no time.

@Mark_Denton will you please clear this up? if you have not been given a clearance, should you report your position to ATC at each leg of the pattern? ive read in other places on the community that you should, but now im being told that you shouldnt… which one is the correct procedure?

No please don’t do that. It’s annoying as HECK.

WE KNOW you’re in the pattern. You don’t need to remind us every 10 seconds.

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No need to exaggerate @Mats_Edvin_Aaro

Some controllers (albeit they probably shouldnt be controlling) have a hard time keeping track of aircraft. While I know that all of us skilled controllers are able to keep track and it’s not needed, there has to be some sort of easily understandable moot point, not only for uniformity reasons, but because people are human and make mistakes. I know I have forgotten about an aircraft or two a few times and when they reported where they were in the pattern, it helped me out. Just because something isnt annoying it doesnt mean that it isnt needed. It’s this very reason why i want Mark’s input, because there is now an established uncertainty for procedure.

You make a good point. The thing I wanna get across is that you don’t intentionally need to report your position. The controller SHOULD know where you are, trust that he does. Reporting your position because you’re unsure whether he has forgotten you or not is considered negative training, and should be avoided at all costs.

Like I mentioned, there needs to be a standard for uniformity, regardless of whomever is controlling. I report position at each leg mainly for that reason, not because I’m unsure if he/she has forgotten about me.

You make a good point as well

by the way, I sent you a friend request on facebook, Mats

IFATC’s have a standard. What I’m telling you is that reporting your position at every leg is annoying for the controller, especially if he has a lot of traffic. I think I’ve actually told you to not send unnessecary messages before… :P If you have a lot of traffic, the last thing you would want to have is a plane reporting position at every leg…

Another thing is if you’re on final and haven’t gotten a clearance. Then you can remind the controller…

I stop reporting once I receive a landing/option clearance, I feel like we may have lost touch on that part of the conversation.

Well, yeah. The procedure there differs IRL actually. Some report every leg, some report on request from the controller…

A tip, if it’s busy, you don’t need to do it… :P

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Unfortunately some VAs train their pilots to report every position. I had as a controller a guy telling me he was on downwind every time he was doing his pattern work. It’s so annoying. If you are inbound you will receive a pattern entry command. No need to report position after that. In some cases when you are NOT yet been cleared to land/option then you can just remind the controllers about you. This usually is on Final though. When in the pattern there is absolutely no need to report your position. You will get a sequence. Now this is all with active ATC.
When on UNICOM it’s advisable to report every single position you are to let other users know where you are and what are your intentions.

Very helpful! Thankyou very much.
Can you make a tutorial of how to use it but for beginners?
All the things on youtube are useless but your advice is good.

@Federico_1444 The official youtube videos do a really job explaining it all. Is there something specific you need further help with?

Thank you! @Aquila
I will defiantly look at those videos.

Sure thing!

I forgot to put in the link like usual. Here you go. Takes you straight to the Official ATC Tutorial playlist.