A Few ATC Tips for Playground Server Controllers


Hi everyone.

All Playground server ATC hopefuls, remember that there are advanced server controllers flying around on the Playground server watching and looking for great controllers. Here are a few tips to remember if you’re practicing to join the advanced server ATC crew. I’ve been asking lots of questions and have learned a lot. Be open to correction from peers and learn as much as you can. Here we go…

  1. Always sequence your air traffic. You’ll find a sequence option under Pattern Instructions which allows you to sequence without giving landing clearance. Always sequence so pilots know who to follow.

  2. If someone is already in the pattern, you don’t use “enter” (left downwind, left base, etc). If you have been sequencing there shouldn’t be a need to ask someone to turn base but if you’re busy, use “turn base”, not “enter”. They can’t enter the pattern of they’re already in it!

  3. If someone is inbound, tell them where to enter your traffic pattern, and remember that left traffic will make left turns only! Entering “Left Downwind” means that that airplane will have the runway on its left, and make left turns for base and final, like in the diagram below (pilots, please enter at the correct points when instructed - notice the “enter left downwind position”)

  1. If someone wants to do touch-and-go’s, remember to clear them for the option, not landing. That way you can ask them to make right or left traffic after the touch and go. If you aren’t sure of their intentions, ask them, or if they’re doing pattern work, clear them for the option just in case they’d like to go around again.

Happy Controlling! Cheers.


Thanks for making this Jason, I’m sure this will help a lot of people! :)


@jasonrosewell. Fine work Jason. Believe this item is applicable to all of us Pilot & Controller alike. Suggest you move this to Tutorial when it’s run its course in General. Regards, Mad Max Sends

(suggest chg the Caption when you move it so it’s not just for ATC Trainees)


They also expect you to use proper exit commands. “When able, please exit the runway and contact ground, please expedite.”
First contact with aircraft should tell them where to enter pattern then a clearance to land should be given.
Have some trust in your pilots and do not over control.


Unless they’re already in the pattern ;)


Thanks @jasonrosewell. This really helped me.


Another tip. Please dont come on to the Playground Server if you have absolutely no sense of ATC commands. I know its not supposed to be the best for experience and stuff, but Id rather be cleared to land when I am on short final. Not cleared to takeoff.