A Few ATC Questions

Hey IFC, I have a few questions I hope some people wouldn’t mind answering and clearing up. :)

If a plane is on final and reports (CallsignXXX is on final Full stop) Does the controller then have to give clearance to land?

What do you report to tower if approach has vectored you onto final?

If approach is not active when do you contact tower?

What does Cross runway xx, please expedite mean?

If they have not been cleared to land and are on final, you probably should. If they are already cleared, go to misc messages and tell them that they were already cleared to land and should avoid unnecessary reports.

If you are on an ILS approach, call “inbound on the ILS”

If you are on a visual approach, call “inbound on the visual”

If you are VFR Flight following or Radar Vectors, call “inbound for landing”

25nm out at or below 10,000 feet AAL

Cross the runway is to well… cross it and exit on the other side. Expedite it to go fast. Chances are there is an aircraft on final, and they want you clear of the runway. When you hear “expedite”, just do whatever they want you to do… but faster.

I can answer more questions if you’d like!


Thanks a lot I will PM you if have anymore questions in the future


Adding onto @Will_A’s first answer, if you have cleared the pilot for the option and then all of the sudden they say their coming in for a full stop at whatever leg their in, it means that they have intentions to land and not continue any further in regards to patterns or something similar (a common courtesy of pilots).


Thank you!

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