A Festive American Experience!

Hello and welcome from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where it is 10:45 PM and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. My family and I traveled from SFO to PHX and then finally settling in PVR. Let’s get right into the review.

It was a slow Christmas morning at SFO as we prepared for takeoff with flight attendants wearing Christmas lights on an American Airlines A321. We took off from SFO to PHX and the flight was mostly uneventful.

After we arrived at our connection, Phoenix Sky-Harbor, we had breakfast at a place with great food, but the service of dropped utensils was covered up by men sounding too much like James Charles. After an hour, AA1802 was ready.

We were seated in row 31 out of 34 on the equally festive 737-800 that morning, with honestly pretty comfy chairs for being Basicest of Basic Economy. We took off smoothly and were soon handed out American’s ever so famous service of drinks and the reputable AA Biscoff cookies. Delicious.

I noticed some strange sights on the way out of Phoenix, also.

There were a lot of built in amenities on the old 737. A phone holder and a USB port was included.

After a bit of a wait, we descended into PVR. I got some amazing strange gate spotting.image image image image
Well, one last look at our ride

Aight I’m out gonna give you all another tripreport next week
Shoutout to @Glevolution for being at PVR and spotting my arrival and also being a SFO flyer!


Nice trip report!

**IFC police mode activated only a joke this is
How dare you be showing off another flight sim on the Infinite flight forum gosh 😂.
**IFC police mode deactivated
In all seriousness great trip report nice TUI/Sunwing 737 catch. I think that hole in the ground might have been used as a quarry?

Edit: Yes I realize it’s a TUI 787 not TUI/Sunwing 737


Nice trip report. I love the PHX airport. Glad you enjoyed the American experience

The TUI 787 was a scheduled flight from Manchester

Lol literally.

Everyone screams at you taking a picture of another sim. Oof.


Oh dumb me I though that was a 737 😂🤦🏼‍♂️. I really need new glasses.

Strange why nobody’s giving a heck about the Arizona borehole

That’s a mine right?

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