A farewell to British Airways' Boeing 767


Yes, I agree. It does indeed look like these birds are going to be scrapped.

Would be great for you to get some pictures. I believe it’s flying to St. Athan the next day? I noticed other, already retired BA B767s, usually fly there a day or two after their final commercial flight. I’m not sure if there is a way to predict that for sure, though.



Rest good old girl


Shame about their maintainence problems. G-BZHA took me to Edinburgh on the 28th October and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


And it’s off, the penultimate flight of the BA 767 is on its way to Larnaca!


It’s HA ( hotel Alpha) BA really have got their money’s worth with the 767s! They’re getting tired and outdated. I will miss flying on a widebody in Europe though! I wonder if BA will put on a ceremony for the flight back?


Hotel Alpha is on its way for the very last time! I have heard story’s of pilots sounding upset on the radio to see the plane they’ve worked on for over 20 years removed from the BA fleet. Some pilots will retire with it and other move to the 747s and 777s. Tomorrow G-BZHA will likely be sent to St. Athan to be dismantled.

^ what remains of BAs once strong 767 fleet.


It seems to have found itself to the wrong parking spot :


I just found this article which has a video of the last flight. It’s a member of the cabin crew saying one last goodbye to the 767. An aircraft who they have flown on for over 25 years.

Bye BA 767 :(


Here’s a video of G-BZHA and G-BZHB landing at St Athan’s to be scrapped. The captain of HA gave quite an emotional speech. Check it out, truly must a see!


It’s sad seeing them go, especially when I’ve seen these in Madrid. It’s too bad that I’ll never get to fly on one, but I guess they needed to be replaced sometime. 🤷‍♂️ I just wish an airline would get it leased.


Wow! That was very emotional to watch. Sad to see these beauties go!


Was lucky enough to dispatch ZHB to St Athan on Monday. Was super weird having no pax or baggage/cargo. Proud to be the last BA dispatcher to set foot onboard.


That’s amazing! Also, are there IFE’s?


Nothing in the seatback, no.


I loved seeing those 767’s at Schiphol 😍 sad they are gone.

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Sad to see the old girls go. Flew them often on the route down to Athens. They will live on in Infinite Flight! The B767 was the first IAP I got for Infinite Flight.


They will probably replace them with a321s and 787s.


Already replaced with the medium haul A321’s (flatbeds in club) gained with the acquisition of BMI and the 787.

The fleet has been winding down for longer than expected!


I’ve always found the Rolls Royce engines a little out of place on BA’s 767. Quite interesting nevertheless, and as you have suggested the retirement was overdue (Qantas did it a few years back but still has one or two as freighters). Would’ve loved to fly on a 767, but they only seem to be widely operated by US airlines as of now.