A farewell to British Airways' Boeing 767


Wow, I thought they were not going to retire this birds for another couple of years. Even though I never really loved the look of the BA 767 (due to no winglets, to me it looks ugly without winglets), it is still quite sad to see such an iconic aircraft depart such a well known company.


Alas, even preference has to yield to cheaper tickets sometimes.


Where will they go when they retire? Do they get broken up or sold? Do we have any place graveyards in Europe?


That 6 looks very much like an 8, at first glance I thought it is the 787 that’s retiring.


They will be going to the Ministry Of Defence in St Athan, however their future in the military is yet unknown.

Some aircraft have already been transported there, like G-BWNX.


Sad to hear it is leaving. Already one of the last airlines that do operate this aircraft and yet this means one less airline that operates this beauty. Though I have not went on a B767 or flew it in the past but yet it really is a plane that I will miss.


I have flown in this plane from Amsterdam to London Heathrow! It is an old plane
Lets see wich plane they now going to use?


@Martijn_Decates They’ve switched to the A320/A319 on the Amsterdam route. See here: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/ba429


Something cool I just noticed -

The BA’s final flights to St. Athan are operated under the callsign “Speebird 767”, matching the aircraft’s name.


Loved the Arlanda-Heathrow route. Im gonna miss it. cough its too bad we cant fly on UPS


This was the plane they was using between LHR and Geneva when A321s were too small to carry all passengers


I believe they’re being scrapped. The pilot of the last flight of G-BNWX said that they would be broken up.


Oo, that’s interesting. Did he/she say it to you personally or on a forum? Would be great to ask them some questions!


I love this plane, sad to see her leave!


I too heard from somewhere [I believe from Instagram] that they were going to a military base, then over to the US to get scrapped. I can’t find where though.


Sad to see the BA 767s go, first from OpenSkies and now from their mainline fleet. Part of a bygone era of aviation now. Next, unfortunately, we will see their B744s go :(


@Liam_Smart I’m thinking farewell event from larnaca near the 25th of nov?


No it wasn’t sadly.


I don’t think these are for the military. As far as I know there is a 3rd party company that operate at St. Athan, non-military related, who take in retired airliners and scrap them for parts to sell. This is why airliners can be seen flying into this airport from time to time, such as the BA 767’s, TUI 767’s and a recent BA A319 to name a few.

Since St. Athan is a close drive to where I live I’m hoping to go and snap a shot of the final landing of G-BZHA/G-BZHB later in the month, the last two to be retired.


Aww, I miss the time where widebodies were used on short haul travel, really sad to see the 767 go, it looks so good with the BA livery. :(