A farewell to British Airways' Boeing 767

General Info:

This month, British Airways are expected to retire one of the oldest aircraft in its fleet - the Boeing 767-300 with the final flight due to happen on the 25th of November on the flight back from Larnaca to Heathrow (BA663).

British Airways ordered 28 aircraft in total, with first order dating back to the 1980s. The first aircraft entered service in 1989 and operated routes to high-density short-haul destinations like to Paris CDG. Later on next year, British Airways received more B767s and converted some to a long-haul configuration to replace routes previously operated by the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar like Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Riyadh.

However, the 767 was not loved by British Airways all along. The 767s were the last to be fitted with British Airways’ Club World cabin, released in 2000 and were never fitted with British Airways’ updated (famous backwards Club World seating) cabin released in late 2006. In addition, the short-haul version of the B767 was never fitted to the updated Club Europe cabin, released in 2014 and all aircraft except for the 767 were fitted in it by 2015.

Personal Experience:

I fly on the BA662/BA663 route very often, sometimes more than 3 times a month. In the past couple of months, I’ve noticed an “increased hatred” towards the 767 compared to other aircraft in BA’s fleet, mainly due to the lack of maintenace and care they get.

After my summer commitment in Scotland, I was scheduled to fly back to Cyprus from Heathrow on August 15, however the trip took a turn for the worse.

As we boarded the plane, we were told that there was a technical malfunction preventing us from flying to Cyprus - there was a hole in a window in the cockpit which let rainwater into the cockpit. The pilot cracked a joke, saying that we could still fly, but that it would be quite windy and cold in the aircraft. Some passengers were shook and possibly didn’t understand the pilot’s humour causing a lot of questions to be asked to the cabin crew. We were told that the issue wasn’t going to be solved for a while and that due to pilots’ work hours, the crew had to be switched. We were deplaned and taken to Terminal 5 and given 10 pound vouchers to spend on whatever we liked.

After a 3 hour delay, we were returned to the aircraft and we were hoping to get underway. But, no so fast as the new pilots found a yet another issue with the aircraft’s navigation system. This delayed us yet another 2 and a half hours, and they didn’t deplane us this time, just offered water and no snacks. Some passengers decided not to fly, as they were concerned for their safety. After the incident, I decided to claim my compensation and received 400 pounds as a result.

Just recently, I flew on the British Airways 767 for the final time. On the 3rd of November, I flew on BA663 from Larnaca to London. My next flight is booked early December, therefore I will be flying on the A320 and not the 767 next time I fly with BA to Cyprus. The flight 767 had the registration G-BZHA, which is one of the 2 767 British Airways currently has. This will be the final aircraft to leave BA’s fleet on its final flight to Larnaca on the 25 of November. The aircraft was in a horrid state, with the IFE not working and a few of the overhead bins broken, with a sign written on paper saying “DO NOT USE”).

The 767s have served an important part to BA, but unfortunately, their time has come to an end. Personally, I’ll miss flying the 767 on my flights to Larnaca. They are much more spacious than the A320 or the A321 that BA plans to place on flights to Larnaca (unlike the initial plan to send the 777-200ER) and have some “umph” to them that the Airbus A320 family simply doesn’t have.

Long live the 767.

(A British Airways Boeing 767-300ER (G-BZHA) landing in Edinburgh. Credit to Dennis Penny)


I loved to draw this aircraft, I think I drew it 10 times!

Sad to see it go tho


I flew on G-BZHB two days before its retirement


Although this is #real-world-aviation, if you have any drawings to share, I’m sure it would compliment the post very well.

If you have any pictures to share, I’m sure those would be very welcome too! :)

Nooo, wish these bad boys still flew. Remember watching all of them come in from Cairo a long time ago. And when I went back recently, I got to see some from Stockholm. Too bad I won’t be in Europe to see em go. :((

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I flew on one of these when flying to Glasgow in 2016. I really liked this plane. Shame to see it go.


Thank You for your service 767s, Can’t wait to see what BA replaces these birds with.


Shame to see these ladies retire. I used to fly on them down to Athens, the A321 which replaces them on that route is not quite the same.

Incidentally the B767 was the first paid for aircraft that I got on IF!


Although it’s not super realistic, this was one of my best, I got to find that one better one tho



@Kamryn The drawing is still very good, thanks for sharing!

@NationofAviation, BA plans to replace the routes operated by a 767 with the A320 (family). For example, flights to Athens are now operated by the A320, which were operated by a 767 before 2nd of November. You can see the change of aircraft used here: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/ba632

Well great… there goes my chance to fly with the 767…

I know it flies quite regularly from Arlanda to Heathrow but now it’s done for.

Good Bye the plane I never got the chance to fly, hope you did well throughout the years in service at BAW 🙋‍♂️


It’s a great shame I’ll never fly this aircraft again! I flew in the summer to Athens on the 767 and it was a pleasant flight, much nicer than it would have been on a A320. My Grandad joined BA as canbin crew and flew the 767 for over 20 years before his retirement! I will miss the powerful RB211 whining as the aircraft accelerates down 27L. ![image|800x600]

(G-BNWX as it charged down 27L for the the last time a couple of days ago)
I don’t know how they will replace them but nothing will ever replace it from an avgeeks perspective. Although they are supposedly taking delivery of their first A321neos this month so they could be a gap filler in the fleet.
Either way the 767 will be missed in the British Airways fleet as all the pilots I’ve spoken to have loved it. Most of them are moving onto the 747 (I believe.)


So does it not fly to Madrid anymore? (I haven’t been in a while.)

@JT_Playz No, it does not fly to Madrid anymore and hasn’t flown there for a few weeks.

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I flew a Air New Zealand 767 a year before retirement, sounds like they maintained them a lot more care then British airways. Based on what you said they must of seriously neglected the aircraft (what you said about IFE/Baggege bins).

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Man that sucks, the 767 is one of my most fav aircraft and is a great aircraft to fly.

Well, they are modernizing so…


I remember flying this to London from Athens ages ago.

Lovely plane, I’ll miss it!


Woah, not on an Aegean? ;)

As I mentioned before, the last flight to Athens on a 767 was on 2nd November, after which the equipment was switched to the A320. Very sad indeed.

Gonna miss it at GLA

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Why do airlines retire a 767 ON MY BIRTHDAY… im suing BA…