A fantastic planespotting trip to Yunnan

Last week, I went to Yunnan Province to begin my planespotting trip - Kunming Changshui Airport (ZPPP) , Lijiang Sanyi Airport (ZPLJ), Dali Huangcaoba Airport (ZPDL) . Here is the link of introduction of Yunnan Province Yunnan - Wikipedia
My home airport is Shanghai (ZSPD) I spend 120Yuan (approximately 20 US dollars) from Shanghai to Kunming by China Southern
Part 1: Kunming
Photo1: Myanmar Airways A320

Photo2: Lucky Air A330

Photo3: China Eastern Airlines Dreamliner 787-9

Photo4: Unit-top Airlines A300

Photo5: Hainan Airlines B737 & Xiamen Air Dreamliner parallel approach

Part2: Lijiang
Photo6: Sichuan Airlines A320

Photo7: Juneyao Air A320

Part3: Dali
Photo8:Lucky Air 73G

Photo 9: Dali Airport Ramp

Photo 10: China Southern Airlines A320

Thanks for your watching!
Tell me your favorite photo and your favorite airport in Yunnan!


Amazing shots! Just to let you know, the maximum photos per #real-world-aviation:spotting topic is 10 as per guidelines so Iโ€™d suggest editing some photos out.

Itโ€™s funny how I never knew a quarter of these airlines existed (Uni-top Airlines, MAI, Air Travel), China sure has some unique airlines.


Pretty undiscovered, I havenโ€™t see callsigns of any Burmese airlines available in IF yet ๐Ÿ˜ณ


My favorite photo is Photo 25 because of the mountains also Great spotting at Yunnan! I love seeing different Chinese Airlines

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Really nice photos! I really love Chinese livery themes

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Thank you!!! Photo25 is also my favorite photo

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Great!, No Problem

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Amazing shots! So much variety.

Awesome topic just to warn you they may close the topic because of the photo count

I need to delete 5 photos, right?

Um if I counted correctly 16

#25 is my favorite, the scenery is incredible! Pretty cool to be able to take a trip just for spotting.

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Very nice photo, I think the Kunming Changshui (ZPPP) spotting location was a very fit shot photo location. Was a beautiful ground building and control tower can in the photo.

Very nice shots, but as @Kamryn said you are only permitted 10 photos per #real-world-aviation:spotting topic. So you would need to delete 15 photos :)

Ehhh why havennโ€™t you delete the 6 photos?

Deleting in processโ€ฆโ€ฆ It is little bit hard to choose 15 photos to delete, lol. Thanks

Nice shots!

Itโ€™s only 10 photos now, thanks for your advice! :)

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