A fancy long haul flight

Greetings all,
So I was just thinking of doing a long or extra long haul flight but I don’t know which aircraft and callsign should I use like in real life.

Any real life route recommendations?


Hi there! You can use this thread to help you find one, or use Flightradar24 or FlightAware to search up a good IRL flight details :)


Also There Is One Here

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Its up to you.
You can use fpltoif.com for a random flight generator where you can select your flight preferences such as aircraft, and flight length.
Or if you want to be even more realistic, choose any airport, look up the airport in wikipedia and scroll down until you find “airlines and destinations” and you can use that to choose specific airlines and destinations you want. For the callsign number, you can find that out my searching the flight on Flightradar24.

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Thank you!

I used to use flightradar24 when I had my gold plan subscription before this lock down and quarantine thing. I also have a booklet of flight plans and airport and approach charts, I used to take Infinite Flight to the next level.

But now with flights being grounded, I cancelled my flightradar24 subscription and have no access to flight history anymore😟


Its fine!
The good things about fpltoif.com is that its flight plans aren’t just based off a route database. Its considers weather too. If you create a flight plan (with simbrief) it tells you V1, VR, V2, fuel needed, cruising altitudes etc. Its really useful. It even estimates which runway your destination airport will be using when you arrive.


I totally agree with you @Dan2248.

Thanks for your help👍

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I have a subscription to ForeFlight and plan all my routes there. It also gives recently approved (IRL) ATC routes.


If you are looking for an event airport that you want to fly to, flightsfrom.com is a great website!

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Is it free to use?

This is so helpful! I’m going to take a look I didn’t even know that existed

Completely free. It has a nice layout too…
Do some exploring on it, there are a lot of features included and they are all for infinite flight!

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I didn’t know this! That is super awesome!

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Glad I could help :)


I love How this Post is about flight routes, but no one has given @GhostCustoms any!


been some time.

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My bad! It’s a shorter route, but I enjoy flying from KLAX-KDFW.

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