A failed aircraft ahead of its time…

Featuring the “Thunderscreech”, an aircraft known to physically make people sick/ill, was a US Air Force aircraft that failed to make it to production. It was most notably known to be the loudest aircraft ever built. Mentioned in this video are some top level “nerding out” instances if I may say so myself. The aerodynamics behind supersonic propellers and some of the challenges that the design engineers faced. I won’t spoil too much more but would encourage you to check this out when you’ve got some time.

Thought it’d be cool to share this video of an aircraft you’ve likely never heard of before.


about 18 mins long


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I wouldn’t really call it ahead of its time…

and yes I’ve heared of it before lol

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This is crazy! Crazy engineering compounded: killer prop torque, high power/rpm shafts shuddering the length of vehicle past pilot’s elbows, the in-line/in-fuselage twin engine stuff. 90% of flights declared emergency. The part that’s hard for me to get comfortable with is sound waves knocking people over? I could believe prop wash, but a sound wave makes it seem like it would have to be a force like a continuous, distributed force, explosion? But I don’t know any better.

Oh hey its the “Say Goodbye to your Eardrums kids” plane…

A Mustang meets Sabre!
What an oddball.

From the Wikipedia writeup:

“… resulting in a visible sonic boom emanating from the propeller even at idle thrust…”

“… one ground crew member suffered a seizure after encountering the shock wave …”

“… tower controllers had to communicate with the aircraft by means of light signals …”

Holy crap.

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