A (easier to use) Free Cam

I love the Free Cam to get different wing views etc but it’s extremely tricky to use and was wondering if it should be reworked and wondered if anyone would vote the same lol

I don’t see any issue with the current one!

Could you emphasise what you mean by “easier to use” ?

it may not be a rule but you can vote for your own feature request!

The only issue I have is the moving sensitivity at times. Other than that, not really any problems.


You would have to add more specifics “easier to use” is quite a subjective term. Try adding a few more sentences and maybe a picture of how it would work for example ‘I think it would be easier if you had the option to make the camera less sensitive’ or ‘To add some buttons to show where your fingers would go’. Those are examples and I recommend you use your own sentences.

Good luck with your request!


Once you get used to the current free cam, you realize it’s pretty easy to use… I don’t see a need for a new version.

Hiya buddy, both of these #features requests have some very valid points that may relate to your ideas. If they’re of any validity, I’d recommend dropping them a vote as it’s the easiest way for the request to be noticed.


Thanks so much. Will do

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Closed per OP request.