A Early Morning Flight to the Great Salt Lake

I did this flight a while back, and never thought of making a #screenshots-and-videos topic about it. However I was bored and decided to make one about this flight. This flight had some pretty amazing scenery, and is a flight I would recommend to everyone!

Flight Details
  • Route: KEKO->KSLC
  • Flight Time: 1 Hour and 5 Minutes
  • Aircraft Details: CRJ-700(Delta Airlines Livery)


Great shots!

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I would suggest toning down the blur, it is a little disorienting, I would also suggest only using up to 15 DOF (30/1.4 = 21 = 60/2.8), before it strained your eyes.

PM me if you want more info!

Great pics as always! Keep it up!


Great shots mate!! The 8th photo looks like a real aircraft… 👍

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I loooooooove this picture, nice job!


Here is the link to video I made for this flight Link