A dreamy Cape Town mountainous sunrise to a busy Dubai afternoon

Emirates 743 Heavy from FACT-OMDB, Cape Town to Dubai, 77W with a flight time of 8 hours and 20 minutes. We took off over the mountains of Cale Town at Sunrise and hugged the African coast until descending into the Middle East

image image image What are your thoughts and favorite photo!


I love the 4th one!

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The first four and the last two are the most realistic screenshots I’ve seen in this category!

This is truly incredible.

I understand that You edited them - would You be able to talk us through Your process?

Kind regards,
Ignas P.

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Thanks! I use an app called Snapseed to edit. I used one of the presets that they have and then edit mostly saturation, brightness and color curves until it is to my liking. If you want to talk about this more. Please let me know in a PM!

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How did you get a real looking cockpit on the 777?

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wow nice shots!! i love the second one! pure beauty :))

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It’s just replay mode without the HUD and a little bit of editing

That’s my favorite too!

Oh ok cool

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