A Dream Come True

It feels like just yesterday I was rushing home from school and grinding out homework so I could load up Infinite Flight and fly the Citation X around with my friends from NetJets VA (remember those days @DeerCrusher ?). It became part of my daily routine and I looked forward to firing up the sim every day after school.

Over the years as the workload in my life ramped up, I wasn’t able to spend as much time on the sim. However I always found myself checking in on the forum. Reason being is I loved the community. I have so many nostalgic memories from group flights with friends to the late night ATC sessions and everything in between. Being apart of a community with people who all share the same interest and passion for aviation (from all over the world!) is a fascinating thing, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Infinite Flight. It’s what kept me coming back.

There’s no doubt Infinite Flight played a huge factor in my interest in aviation and journey towards becoming a professional pilot. And yesterday, I reached a milestone in my aviation career that would not have been possible had it not been for Infinite Flight inspiring me to start flight training a few years ago.

Yesterday I received my first type rating in one of my favorite airplanes, a Gulfstream IV also known as the G4.

The thought that I’d be flying jets at 21 years old never really crossed my mind when I first started training. It was always a goal of mine, but I only heard stories of pilots flying for years, some having thousands of hours before ever stepping foot into a jet. About a year ago, one of my mentors recommended I get a ramp job at my local FBO so I could start networking with pilots who were already in that position. So that’s exactly what I did.

Fast forward a year later and to now be burning the same Jet-A I was pumping into G4’s at the FBO is so surreal. I couldn’t be more grateful for the advice I received from pilots while working at the FBO, my friends and family who supported my aspirations in becoming a pilot, and Infinite Flight for the inspiration to start flight training and all the friends I’ve made on here. This journey has been nothing short of a dream come true.


Wow man, that’s amazing!! I hope this career works out for you in the future.

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Congratulations dude!
All the best & Safe Flying.

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Congratulations Chris! Very proud of you!

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Chris, this is beyond amazing. Thanks for allowing Infinite Flight to be part of your journey! I remember when you first messaged me (I think on this forum) to see if you could attend our podcast recording in San Diego to take photos. You did, and we went flying with Owen, and the rest is history.

So glad to have you in the community and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Well done, son 😉



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Wow! Congratulations, huge inspiration for all of us

So cool! Hope to do the same. Saw this on Owen’s instagram today. Huge congratulations to you sir 🎊

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Why did you choose to be a privet pilot and not a commercial pilot?

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G4 at 21, not too shabby 👀

Hopefully I’ll be there soon enough, just enjoying the journey rn, sometimes it’s a grind but I’m sure it will all be worth it soon enough. Love the motivation boost from stuff like this!


Just going to step in really quick with a small terminology correction. To most pilots when we hear private pilot vs commercial pilot we think of the two license levels not private jets vs commercial jets. A private pilot can’t get paid to fly, but it’s the first major stepping stone to everything else. Commercial pilot is the license just above that and means you can now get paid to fly (with a whole list of restrictions and red tape depending on the operation of course). Unless he is just paying for all this for fun I imagine he is at least a commercial pilot, probably with135 mins as well, if not an ATP which is Airline Transport Pilot, or the license you need to fly most jet operations. Why private jets over commercial jets is a question for @cleipelt though, just thought I’d jump in with a quick terminology check.


That’s incredible man! A perfect example to always chase your dream no matter how hard they are, once you put your mind on something, anything is possible.

Congratulations & safe travels!

Amazing job!

These were truly some of the best days that I personally have enjoyed since being around on Infinite Flight. It’s been crazy to have met you virtually back then and watch you progress over the years. Time really does fly. Looking forward to running to you on the ramp one of these days and you owe me a ride in the G4. 😜

Like I mentioned yesterday, this is a huge achievement and super cool to see you have achieved this. Can’t wait to see what’s next!


Thank you everyone!

Hard to believe that was 6 years ago from this week! Makes me feel old lol. Appreciate the kind words Pops! 🫡

That’s the best way to look at it! Keep your head down and enjoy the ride! At the end of the day we’re all doing what we love; flying hunks of metal around in the sky haha

I pursued the corporate route because of the opportunities that presented themselves. Getting the job at the FBO played a big part in this.

Couldn’t agree more. And same to you, I’ve enjoyed watching your journey as well! Going from the virtual airline to the real deal is a pretty cool thing! 😉


What an awesome story!

Flying the G4 at 21 is not too shabby at all! I hope that I can follow what you did!

Thanks for sharing your story! I feel so inspired right now! 🙌🏾


Happy to see you achieve your dream and passion. I wish you more progress and hope to see everyone here as pilots soon!

Also, you must take me on a trip soon👀!

congrats bro!! must have been really cool as well

Wow… this is inspiring! I myself am lucky enough to have a friend who is an emirates 777 pilot, and he brought me over to Dubai airport recently, and I met up with some people and had a sim session. Hopefully, in the future, after he helps me and brings me through the ranks, I can be like this and fly for emirates :)