A Dream Come True!

1) Background to the photos
Today is the day. KBHM, one of my home airports, has finally received ATC service on the Expert Server. To celebrate, I flew from KBHM-KDFW using the real-life gates, cruising altitude, and aircraft in my real-life flight that I flew on a few months ago. It was amazing to say the least.

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Expert Server, 2400z, KBHM-KDFW, American CRJ-900
3) Photos

KBHM was a ghost town…until today.

After a sharp rotation from runway 06, we are on our way west.

The little city of Birmingham is in the distance, with the glorious South Appalachian mountains rising in the distance.

The high skyscrapers of Dallas are to my east and the crossroads of Ft. Worth are to my west.

Welcome to Dallas-Fort Worth Int’l Airport, the greatest airport in Texas!

We are parked at Gate B49, which is the real-life gate I arrived to at KDFW. I also spawned in at Gate B4 at KBHM, the real-life gate I departed from.

This was one heck of an amazing flight, knowing that my great state of Alabama is finally getting some recognition; I guess KBHM will be a ghost town tomorrow when I pass by. But for now, I should just celebrate what I get.

Thank you, @Tyler_Shelton, for choosing this airport. You brung in friends, mods, Etihad A380s, and more into one of the most underrated airports in IF. I have no words to say just how thankful I am to you right now.



The airport was, let’s just say above normal traffic.

Literally a 747 came to KBHM


That’s really awesome! I love seeing new airports being featured on the ATC schedule. I was able to fly some patterns down there today and I very much enjoyed it

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There was a time IRL when a Delta 747 came in.

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I watched an Etihad A380 land as I was taxiing.

Cool! I remember when my home airport was featured (KRIC)

The best indeed!

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Although I got patted down, I still loved that airport; I got to see the Emirates 777 take off and got to look at the Qantas A380 at its gate.

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The mountains surrounding the airport give it a cool sense of seclusion.

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I’ve always wanted my home airport to be controlled but unfortunately it’s to small to get much attention. Glad you enjoyed your flight :)

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I love the CRJ-700/900!

I’m actually flying one right now in Mumbai on TS!

I have to say:
Reading your post and reading that you are not only happy but that a dream came true for you - Just makes me also happy. What a nice post!