A doubt about IFATC eligibility

So i have been subscribed to IF for over 3 months now and just today i reached grade 3. Now I didn’t know about the IFATC requirements and naturally had not linked my account to the IF community forum. I have enrolled today itself in the community forum. Am I not eligible to give the IFTAC test because I wasn’t linked to the IF community forum through the process of getting my Grade 3 certification?

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Hello and welcome to the community!

You don’t have to link your account before you apply. You only need to make sure to meet the requirements at the time of the application and afterwards.

You can find all other information and all requirements on the IFATC recruitment in the Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting post.

Probably that the only requirement missing will be to be at TL1 (trust level one) which can be achieved easily in no time by being active on the forum.


Hey, thank you sooo much for clearing that up. I really want to be an ATC controller in the expert server. I am waiting for my trust level to increment to 1 before I become eligible for the test. I just gave a practice test and scored 94 %, lost a mark in sequencing patterns 😭. Im sure it’s not as close to the actual test( especially when u factor in the practicals) but i am still looking forward to them…;)


The practice tests are quite a good preparation.

All the best for your IFATC recruitment!

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