A Diverse Collection

Here is a collection of photos from various flights I’ve done over the past months. Nothing too fancy, but hopefully you enjoy them.

All of these flights were flown on expert server, I will do my best to provide some info in each caption

Leaving Frankfurt headed for Tokyo Haneda.

Approaching Hong Kong after a 15 hour flight from Newark.

Taxiing at Sydney after arriving from Los Angeles.

Cruising over some nice scenery on my way to Kigali from Brussels.

Nothing special, just thought the lighting looked nice.

777F lineup at Doha.

Approaching Denver in the Frontier A321.


That CRJ looks sooooo real 🤩 awesome shots!


nice shots love the CRJ and the frontier.
when did you get the pictures of the 777f was there a event

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No event, just a coincidence

Love the CRJ…

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most likely taken on the date that doha was on the atc schedule

Yeah that’s right

Loved all of them but that CRJ is FIRE! cause that’s looks so real.

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Nice photos! Love the 4th photo :).

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