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Anytime! We are testing a hotfix as we speak so I hope some aspects of it will improve your experience.


I completely agree, we play money ti be able to play Infinite Flight daily but after almost every update we aren’t able to fly for days until the bugs are fixed.

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Hmmm that definitely shouldn’t happen. I currently have a XR (upgraded from a 7), and I run max graphics at all times except for cruise during long hauls (just to keep the device as cool as possible). Even my iPhone 7 could handle the A350 at max settings.

As I said before that shouldn’t happen and I would contact support.

Usual crash 100% when opening the map but I know the team is aware of that

Have you contacted us at support@infiniteflight.com to open a support ticket? What is preventing you from flying? We’re happy to assist if you reach out!

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Ohhhh my ipad isn’t updated to the newest ios update. That might be part of it too!

I wouldn’t say the app is unstable, it just requires top of the line devices. When I first got IF on my XS Max before the A350, I had max graphics on 24/7 even at cruise and at extremely busy airports and had no problems.

I have contacted technical support and just said my device was too old. Which brought up an even bigger issue users face when using Infinite Flight as the app is becoming known as a profiteering app.

The issue is common with the 20.1 updating being bugging and making devices crash a lot.

The main issue though is that Infinite Flight says they won’t realise the update until it’s completely finished but then almost every time we have to stop flying for a few days to wait for a bug update weeks later. that would be fine if it wasn’t costing us to wait for the update. Yes it may be only a few dollars but there’s many people on Infinite Fight who struggle to get the money to buy a subscription let alone still having to wait weeks to be able to actually play it.

I hope that make sense.

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Yeah that is interesting. I had an iPhone 6 that I did a long haul on every night and it never had any problems, was completely lag free.

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That’s the problem, Infinite Flight founder said she wanted to make a mobile flight sim that’s good but also is usable by the everyday phone. Slight problem, that’s no longer the case and after every update, Infinite Flight requires you to have a better phone.

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is the XR good for IF? i have a pretty old iphone and was looking for an upgrade

I use to be able to do that but after some updates on Infinite Flight. was only able to do max 3.5 hour flights and now I cannot use Infinite Flight at all.

aside from the 20.1 crash chaos

I’ve heard it’s good, or the SE 2.

Makes perfect sense. My same response applies to you as well if you’re operating an old device that’s beyond our minimum supported device. Again, there must be a reasonable expectation of ensuring your device keeps up with the evolving technology.

We’ve had thousands (literally) of users flying since launch, many without issue despite a device that is a few years old. Much like Paul’s, when you’re talking about a 7 year old devices that’s a different story. You’re on a 6 year old iPhone 6.


I’m not experiencing anything that bad. I can still do long hauls, I do a lot of Sydney - London flights, but it is extremely laggy on new aircraft. Only used the A350 one or two times

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Am I the only one who isn’t experiencing any crashes or lag? I’m even running max settings and everything works fine. I know I have an iPhone 11, but I haven’t had a crash or any lag since the update.

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The OP’s issue was addressed.

Please feel free to contact us at support@infiniteflight.com or #support for further assistance.

Reminder that minimum supported devices continuously evolves in line with technological advancements.