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For the record, my IPhone 11 is as hot as a toaster when flying the 777 on a long flight

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The RAM is more than likely what’s causing the crashes, although I thought the fix for long haul crashes was implemented?

When do your crashes occur?

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The devs are fixing this issue that is happening itl take only a couple days. There will be a hotfix. Trust them they are only a small group of people they will come through like always :)

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Yes it is frustrating, but I look at it this way: in a few days it’ll start to get better and by next month, this should be behind us because a lot of people will settle down. That being said, the IF team is trying to fix this so we should just be patient. Regarding the price, it is very low for us when you look at other sims that cost way more to maintain and buy add ons to make it look “okay”. This is also a Mobile Sim, so we have less but of higher quality. Sorry that you are unhappy, but know that the issue will be fixed and taken care of as always.


as soon as i spawn in

I understand that. Thank you for your reply. Slowly but surely

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Then that’s probably the server, as the guys above said, the devs are working on a hot fix so please be patient!

I haven’t got to fly on IF for 2 weeks because of my busted IPad but you don’t hear me complaining 🤣.

Anyway, I do hope it gets fixed soon so you and the rest of us can enjoy IF!

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But that could be a while from now no one knows anything about project metal other than that it is under development, no new news about it and its not on the timeline so it could be 2 days or 2 months.

I can certainly understand your frustration and truly apologize for any poor experience you’ve endured. That said, you’re currently operating on a 7 year old device at medium settings which are likely sucking every bit of performance your device can manage, ultimately causing a continuous crash.

An unfortunate side effect of development and requested features is the continuous demand for a capable device. We do our absolute best to accommodate many older devices, but our development is with the latest technology in mind and that’s ultimately what allows us to push the envelope of realism. This same concept is true for just about any piece of technology, whether computer, mobile device or gaming console. They become obsolete in time.

Thanks again for your understanding!


Thank you for your reply! Do you have any suggestions on what I can do with this device? I also sometimes fly on a Samsung Chromebook pro but that’s very lagy and crashes often.

Personally, I’m having no issues, but I do see why you would have crashes.

As you actually said, the devs are working diligently on a hotfix. We’re paying them for that. I see nothing wrong here 🤔

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Try flying on minimum settings with a low/none aircraft count. It may not eliminate crashes but hopefully would greatly reduce them

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Happy to assist! While it may not be the favorable answer, I’d recommend lowering the settings further, reduce your aircraft count, avoid extremely populated areas or consider upgrading to a more current device. It seems that your device is taxed which is ultimately causing the immediate crash upon launch.


I use an iPhone XS Max & XS and experience occasional crashes and have to fly newly updated aircraft (777-200ER, A350, 737 series, A320 series) on lowest settings to avoid lag, even when at an empty airport.

It sucks that these two phones came out a little over a year ago and are experiencing this, but the app is still usable. I’m very scared for things like clouds, buildings, and many more features. It’s also really hard to use the new map to create a flight plan because of how laggy it is.

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What does taxed mean? and i will try those! Thank you!

Sorry, I mean your device is under too much load and the performance needed to run Infinite Flight at a medium setting is beyond your device’s capabilities.


Ahh ok thank you. I just did a pattern on live in the DC10 and had no issues but i loaded into the 737 and it crashed before calibration

Fantastic, Paul! Remember, try to avoid heavily populated areas like Heathrow, continue lowering your settings until you find what feels like acceptable performance, and don’t hesitate to ask your fellow community members for device recommendations if you find yourself in a position to upgrade.

Enjoy! ☺️

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i think it doesnt even matter on the device at this point, the app is very unstable

I am able to run the app with lag and some crashes but my phone gets very hot

I look forwards to the fixes and whatever else comes! Thank you so much for your reply.

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