A Discussion and Concern: IFC Spotting Competitions

Hey everyone,

If you have not seen, there is a new sweep of plane spotting competitions throughout the Infinite Flight Community. Competitions such as these:

In my opinion, these are starting to get out of hand. We do not need these many spotting contests. A contest should be held once in a while for people to compete for the best picture. Not one after the other, after the other. Honestly, I know I may have made the original and lit the fuse that shot the cannon. However, my idea has practically been blown out of the water by the influx of this many competitions.

In all seriousness, I mean no ill will to the creators of the contests. But seriously guys, this is getting a bit out of hand. I feel regulations or at least some control over the amount of these competitions are in order.

And yes, I know you can just ignore it. But this kind of takes away from the magic of a competition. They should happen every now and then so people can submit their best photos, not just enter their bad photos. By having one competition, or one every few months can allow people to prepare and know when one will be held. Finally, I do have an idea to make one combined competition between all the hosts of these competitions. That way, we can have more people join and declutter the forum a bit while doing so.

That is about it guys, thanks.


So far we have only had one at a time running with none overlapping. I don’t really see an issue with this. These competitions have allowed me to share some pictures that wouldn’t fit into a separate topic otherwise, and they have reignited my will to actually edit. These competitions are fun and harmless, if there is an issue the administration of the forum can put restrictions on it. Simple as that.


I agree with you, however, as I stated.

And I want to be flat, I frankly think it is stealing my idea in a way. Jumping on the bandwagon like this frankly, can both clutter up the spotting category, as well as obscure the original. I was planning on holding the second IFC spotting competition of the Millenia (the original) this week, however, all of the other one’s kind of drowned out my idea to hold a sequel.

I think one contest at a time should definitely be an informal rule


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess. Not everyone thinks they are special.

I see them as a great outlet to challenge myself and put my best work forward, as well as seeing the work of others all combined in one place.

On the note of people taking your idea, these competitions aren’t really novel, for as long as arts have existed there have been evaluations from people to determine which one is better. Just because you brought it to the IFC doesn’t mean others can’t make their own.

I don’t mean it like that. Feel free to make your own, but you should at least try to not make it at such an influx. I think having a competition every once in a while tends to not weigh down the forums nor crowd the topics. It also makes for a more interesting competition as a whole as people have more time to work on their entries.

Okay, I see your point.


@HiFlyer only made his because we weren’t satisfied with how yours was run. Not going to mince words.

I only made mine after because there was high demand for it from people who haven’t participated before.

My bad, I didn’t realize you owned the rights to it. Please forgive me.

Okay in all seriousness maybe it was your idea, but it’s not like it’s a huge clutter. There are tens of spotting topics per week. Adding one competition which takes around 5-6 days start to finish isn’t going to ruin the balance here. And anyways, we didn’t ask you to click on them.


If you want to send suggestions, just PM me.


Expect me to file the trademark soon. :)

Thats fair, but I think that it would be more beneficial to make one giant competition as opposed to a bunch of small competitions. I was actually considering making a little organization to put on a big competition. If you don’t like the way something is run, just tell the person who made it.

Honestly, the only reason I ran it like that was to more of test how the community would act around a competition like that. It was more of a test run.

You ran one you should know it gets pretty disorganized pretty fast. 16 is a solid size I feel like 32 is too many

I’ll be looking for it 👀

I am going to make an example, say this thing sets a chain reaction of people making them. The more people make them, the more they clutter the topic. It may happen to the point where there are more competitions than spotting topics. Its unlikely it will be that extreme, but I hope you get my point there. It can also ruin the quality of the competitions themselves. @Robertine made a really rushed IF screenshots competition, no offense bud just using you as an example. The same thing can happen to these.

And yes, I am aware they get disorganized fast. That is what I am trying to say.

I don’t see any reason for concern.

Having multiple spotting competitions on the IFC is completely acceptable in my eyes. I agree with some posts above that having them take place at the same time could be confusing, so that should be avoided.

Any forced regulation on comps would take away more from the “magic” that you were talking about than having multiple competitions.

And that’s why we make a few solid ones to set an example

And that is also what I am trying to say. Its not good have them so close together. Spread them out. Frankly, I think I could have delivered that message a bit better and I apologize for that.

Look, in all fairness @Mattheus, while I understand your concern about many plane-spotting contests, I don’t think there should be a limit.

People haven’t made overlapping contests, and we can’t necessarily make a limit to contests and so forth, because this is a community, and those who wants spotting competitions will compete and enjoy. We cannot stop people from doing so.

I suggest we let things goes as it is. If things get out of hand, the moderators and the staff can decide what to do. This is not something we should be taking care of.


And that is why having solid competitions is a good thing. I tried to get this across as well, but it kind of failed.

This forum kind of reminds me of a competition, how it can get disorganized really quick.

All in all, I think we can learn from the better points of this conversation and go home with some points to consider for the next time we make one of these. In all honesty, I was trying to deliver a point to just tone them down a bit, but it kind of got overrun with my opinion. I say we move on and just go home with the better points in this conversation.

I think, to avoid further conflict, we can just shut this topic down and move on. Anyone agree?

If you don’t want to participate, don’t participate! If you don’t want to see them, don’t click on them!

We son’t impose them on you, so you don’t have to see them.

If you don’t like them, it’s ok, but don’t prevent people who like them from having fun.

Look above. :)

This conversation is going way down hill, mods, if you don’t mind please unlist this from existence.

@DeerCrusher And thanks for the lightning response.

Also, other people, if you want to discuss further, PM me.

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