A Different Type of Ilyushin @KRFD

Never thought I would be saying this, but welcome to a spotting topic from Rockford, Illinois! Today, a Volga Dnepr IL-76 landed in Rockford, which meant that not only was I there, I and a few other OAW (O’Hare Airport Watch) members were given access to go airside. Because this is just one plane, my spiel ends here, and the photos begin here!


Great shots! I love the IL-76’s engines

They are something else, i will say


Such an awesome plane! Awesome that you were allowed to go airside.

Still hoping I can see this thing sometime myself.

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That is just a really impressive aircraft! I’d like to see one of them irl!

Doesn’t Brussels get the AN-225?

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Brussels has never gotten the An-225, and most likely never will.

This one though, the Il-76, has come here a few times, I was just never able to see it because of school. Same with other Soviet-era aircraft.


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