A Decade of Infinite Flight


A decade ago, IF was first as a simple flight sim. And now, 10 years it’s the most popular and probably the best sim on mobile! We’ve seen aircraft additions, reworks, global, and now, buildings. Man IF has come so far in 10 short years!

I’ll save you the full paragraphs, my typical formatting, and the backstory, and I’ll just drop this photo here and say one thing…

Happy 10th Birthday, Infinite Flight!

And here’s to many more! 🥂

Photo was taken around Juneau, AK.


Very cool photo @Butter_Boi!

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Beautiful pic 🥰

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Hbd @infiniteflight!

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Very very swagger

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Mm yes nice butter boi

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Thanks, means a lot!

Thank you!

Much swagger indeed.

Thanks @Train108!