A Decade of Flying | 10 Year Special

Hello IFC, and happy birthday Infiniteflight!

I can never forget the first time I laid eyes on this simulator.

It was late at night, and I was scrolling through YouTube, until I came across a video showcasing a couple of flight simulators, a single touch, from my finger, gave me over a year of fun and joy.

I immediately installed it and started playing around with a KLM B747 at EHAM, the joy I felt cannot be compared with any games I’ve played. Next the community, next Pro, then, limitless happiness.

In this S&V topic, I would like to give back to the community, by showcasing Infinite Flight, in all its glory.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Flight Details

Aircraft: B777, B787, TBM-930, Cessna 172, and A380.
Places: Nevada, Bahamas, Swiss Alps.
Huge thanks to @Aviation108 for helping me with the formations.

Nevada flying, @Kamryn City departure!

Breaking news: @tunamkol has stated that the desert is made out of sand. 😱

Right foot up, left foot slide…

Basically, @Airborne_Canuck is saying either way, we 'bout to slide, ayy. 🕺

Sleepy TBM, power down…

Yooo is that Laura? 👩‍✈️

Don’t ever leave me 'lone!

Aviation police hunting down @Pilot_Felix for brrrtting too loud. 🚀

Shoot for the moon,

Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. 💫

Thank you, Infinite Flight, for 10 years.

Can’t wait to see what’s instore for the next 10. ✈️

While this might seem like the end of my S&V topic, I’d like to take every single one of you down memory lane, with some nostalgic photos.

Special thanks to @Nate_Schneller, @Maxmustang, and @Will_A for these photos.

We’ve come so far, and there’s still a long way to go.

Thank you for a decade of soaring the skies, Infinite Flight.

And thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this S&V topic.

Yours truly,


Which picture was your favorite?
  • Nevada flying, @Kamryn City departure
  • Right foot up, left foot slide…
  • Sleepy TBM, power down…
  • Don’t ever leave me 'lone!
  • Shoot for the moon.

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The Indian Ocean is 100% water

Hello @fly.akm, welcome to the community. HUDs cannot be shown in photos, as this is against the rules of the category. Please take a look at the About The Screenshots and Videos Category - UPDATED topic.

Jokes aside, great shots! Keep it up.

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Some nice shots Awkmead!


You’ve got halos my guy

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I know right! Found it out yesterday evening on Instagram. Sometimes I think of how many other things I am going to learn about.

Other than that, absolutely brilliant shots. I love the IF colours, and beautiful editing as well. I can’t choose which one is better!


Thank you for letting me know bro I swear mods give this guy TL3 already.

Thank you, Tayota!

I tried to get rid of them! 😭


Thank you soooo much!!!

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Coral, fish, salt: am I a joke to you

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Incorrect, Vegas is pure rock.

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chunky ROCC.

Ask @ tunamkol why.