A Decade Flown, A Decade To Fly!

My Infinite Flight Journey - Let’s Fly Through My Story


Early Bird, Needs Practice

2014, that was the start for a new Pilot to enter the World of Infinite Flight. Who back then no one knew about, today is flying across the globe with the alias @Captain_JR. I began my journey in Infinite Flight, back in June of 2014, knowing almost nothing about how to fly an aircraft. How to takeoff, how do land, those question, those basics were out the question. I know many are there today, where I was 5 years ago, I didn’t find it entertaining anymore, to takeoff and not being able to land properly… and so with the region limitation we had back then, I shortly left Infinite Flight… but I’m here today? Let’s fast forward to Summer 2015.

2015 - 2016:

I Left Infinite Flight!

2015, was the only year, since I began flying in Infinite Flight, that I was not active at all, throughout the whole year, I did re-download Infinite Flight, but only flew once, and thereafter left the application. But as time passes, 2016 came around and learned what flaps are, I was able to takeoff more professionally and realistically than before and improved my takeoff skills greatly, but that wasn’t enough, I was far away from knowing how to land an airplane safely. But was back in action again, I understood the concept of flying, and I found a route in Solo Mode, in the regions we had, Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, Today, As of 2019, Ranked as the Busiest International Route in the World. That route kicked things off, for me to keep trying to be a better pilot, but I soon again, as we near the end of 2016, stopped playing Infinite Flight. It wouldn’t be until, once again Summer-season, of 2017, for me find the real motivation to keep flying.


The Inspiration of Japan

2017, this was a year, similar to 2014, had its major ups, and major downs, This was a year that brought me joy and happiness, but the end of the year, down on my knees once again. Similar to 2014, I found myself in a situation that really pushed me down to the ground. But there was this one thing that, I still think as of a life-saviour of mine till this day…

June 27th, 2017, was the first time in 7 years, I made a journey by plane. In a turn of event, where, my now ex-best friend, said he’d go to Japan, and my cousins, ex-husband gave me tips on travels to Asia, from which I made this massive decision to book a flight to Tokyo. This was my first time flying to Japan, and the first time ever I got to fly the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, and the A350-900XWB. I wasn’t too much into Aviation then, as I am today, but ever since have flown more than 15 times prior to the age of 10, I had a fond love of aircraft. I have always loved to fly, and despite my semi-claustrophobia and fear of heights, I feel at ease on an airplane regardless of where I sit. The experience of being able to fly again, really did set me up for, wanting to fly myself. Although I never wanted to be a Pilot myself, via a Simulator, easy to use, I would like to try it out, and Infinite Flight was the best gateway I knew of, and thus, this is the Inspiration from Japan, I got to take matters seriously and fly.

Upon coming home from Japan, I picked up my newly bought iPad Pro, and downloaded Infinite Flight on it, and began once again flying the route, Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, even till that day not knowing bout correct airspeed, and altitudes to fly at, I learned how to land, how to land smoothly, I refined my techniques and handcraft of landing a Heavy aircraft, a GA aircraft, a Military aircraft. I had up until that point, from 2014-2017, spent a total 7 months to refine my flying, and flying GA, was a huge part of my early flying, Thanks to General Aviation, I was able to learn how to hone my skills ultimately to be able to perfect my heavy hauling in the long run. But wait!, what was that talk about a saviour in 2017?

In late 2017, I fell victim to bullying, of my own friends, whom I trust very much, we had known each other for 12 years, yet life has its surprises, good and bad. I had always been sort of this outcast, a little bit outside, not like the others, not playing with the others, always by myself, somewhat alone, now I didn’t hate it, but I did feel left out more and more as time went by. I’m not trying to play the victim card here, I always blame myself from anything that goes wrong, where I have been partly at fault, or a commotion I’ve been involved in, but there is a time where you yourself know what you have done and haven’t and where to draw the line to distinguish between what trying to be a victim is and what actually being a victim defines. Infinite Flight, at that time launched to date the biggest Update ever, even till this day, Global, was so huge it took us all by storm. My newly found courage, due to my trip to Japan, the new Global update, and me starting my High School Year (Equivalent of Year 10 in Asian Countries), changed everything. The saviour was IFC, at that time I had just begun a new life, a new start to everything, I began making new friends, started to become more social, I joined IFC, and there a new story unfolds…*

2018 - 2019:

My Entry to IFC:

Welcome to Infinite Flight Community, A Culturally, Enthinically, Religiously, Politically Diverse Community, A Place for Everyone, To Share Their Ideas, Thoughts, and with One Common Interest, Aviation, that be Dream to become a Pilot, Flight Engineer, Technician, Economist, Trader, Ramp Agent, Anything and Everything, Aviation.

In 2018, I made my debut officially into IFC. Though I joined Oct 20, '17, I began opening up myself from my insecureness, after ending the relationship between my old friends and me in January of 2018, as I were more social, I dared to communicate with people I have never talked to. @Tyler_Shelton’s ATC Schedule, since then, 2 years ago, till this day, the Amazing Events, created by a vast amount of Members of IFC, are two of the main key factors that lead to me staying loyal to IFC. I never give up, I picked up IF over and over again, and once I found IFC and place with so many others with similar interest, I finally, thought here is a place I feel at home, where everyone is dedicated to being their best, to fly for their enjoyment, to assist others in need. Back then I didn’t know about TL’s, but I quickly of being active for 4 months gained Regular status, and unbeknownst of understanding the importance of it, I made mistakes of duplicate posts, which in the long term has taught me more than hurt my reputation. Mark Denton used to make the FNF’s back the before his departure from IFC, I clearly remember the hype and love for the FNF then, just like it is today, when Misha makes them, same quality, more modern looking. FNF was this massive Friday Night Party, for us all to fly in and out of, and when FNF was in Hong Kong for the first time, I reckon, that, that was the first time I ever saw HKG that much alive, it was a night truly to behold, those are the memories that for me formed what FNF stands for today, for me.

But, time moves on, and we are soon to reach a New Year once more before the hour turns 12AM (00:00, January 1st, 2020), let’s look back at how 2019, formed IF & IFC. Flying back, down the Memory Lane, I remember 2019 as a year started out in hectic verbal outcry, that itself doesn’t have to mean anything, results were Update 19.1, shipping a soft-reworked A330-family in the package. The year went on, but Stop! In 2018, a year ago, I made a decision, which has stuck my multiple times, it is a curse and blessing at the same time and I know, that even if I understand the situation, I will always find it difficult to accept it. Now, excuse me, but let’s rewind, back to my personal life, Spring 2018, quickly.

TL;DR - I got a new Best Friend. She is a kind, happy person who loves to joke. We met each other and befriended through a mutual friend of ours. The story seems lovely, doesn't it, but 1.5 Years ago, may feel like yesterday, or it may seem like a long, long time ago, but time changes, and in Summer of 2018, I confessed to her that I Like Her, in the most immature way ever. I think, that the confession itself was natural, but the follow-up was a hiccup on my part. Eventually, after our friendship break-up, we became friends again, but the location I was in back then, Osaka, Japan, will always have a special place in my heart, both, for the good and, for the not so good. If you are wondering what does this have to do with IF? It was to IFC I turned to when I was sad, it was to IFC I turned to when I needed help the most, and indeed I received support from so many beautiful people here! – Flying back to 2019… and here we are in December, Christmas Celebrated, and Done, Families and Loved Ones Spent Time With and Have Had Fun, and Now, Together we head forward, into the New Year, of 2020!

Throughout the Years, I have spent time with Infinite Flight, and Infinite Flight Community, I have experienced, side-by-side what life has to offer. Surely, here on IFC, we share our knowledge, opinions, ideas, thoughts, with one another, to stay on topic, but for this once, as we near the end of 2019, and this decade, 2010s, looking back at it, it's been a ride, for the better, for the worse, there have been days that feel like none other than before, worse than what we imagine Hell, to be like, but other days, best of the best, more joy we couldn't have received. I have seen Misha and Sebbe, being appointed to be Staff, Misha taking over the work from Mark, of posting the FNF's we love so dearly. Marc, recently, after being with the community for so long, and done so much, has now become a Moderator, FDS changing the name to IFLLC, and name change definitely, in some sense has with the year brought us products, of high class as technology as well, proceeds to excel in performance. CRJ, DC-10/MD-11, B787, A350, are some of the incredible work done in the past decade, the Frequency UI, wasn't always this box, where you could tune into ATC, was straight bars, often miss clicked on... *oops, didn't mean to say "unable" to descent down to 3000ft...*

From that day Global Launched, that I took a step into this new world, till this day, December 31st, 2019 (1730Z), I have been through more things than I ever thought I had, and I often reflect on how much really IFC, you guys, have changed me, and what I have done that may have changed your life. So, therefore, I want to say a Special Thank You to a certain few, but of course, I feel that everyone in this community, truly, from the bottom of my heart, honestly, have made a hugely important impact on me. Before I mention the few people, one thing that is good to know about me is that I’m by personality, a sentimental person, and that doesn’t mean that I’m some sensitive guy who cries over every mean, or rude comment, no, it basically means, in my case, I follow my heart more than my logic. So when I say that I believe everyone on IFC has played a huge role in my life the last 2 years I’ve been here, I mean it, it is true, anyhow, I think you guys know well enough now, so on to the Thank Yous —>

Special Thanks to:

~ @DiamondGaming4 ~
~ @Freddiefrogs ~
~ @BigBert10 ~
~ @77W ~
~ @anon57683537 ~
~ @Thomas_G ~
~ @Transport_Hub ~
~ @Trio ~
~ @KPIT ~
~ @Krunchy_Toast ~

Now these people, in particular, are ones who helped me a lot in my early days, and even up until early 2019. I’m extremely thankful for hat they have down for me, and all the fun talks we have had over PM in the past 2 years. And as for Trio, one of my all-time favourite IFATC, for teaching me all the basics I need to know a Pilot.

In later years, as IF / IFC has evolved, I’ve seen the rise of new users, and as a Member of this community, I do my best to assist, even though this year, 2019, has been a rocky ending, life really is a roller coaster and at times, I may have been trying too much to be included in everything, as each day passes by, I realise more and more, where the balance is, and from there, I reach out those who need support on IFC. I know I have made a footprint here, and I have seen other follow my path or showing me a different route to take, at the end of the day, there are a few more people I’d like to convey my Thank You to before wrapping up this decade for my part.

Incredible Folks Down Below:

@George, @Connor, @VAnuj, @sniperguy135, @Kyle.Plane - K-Pop 🥳
@KaiM, @TaipeiGuru, @Kacey, @CR3W, @GlobalFlyer1 - IFMEB Committee 🌟

I know I have talked a lot about myself, my life, me, myself and I. So what about you, I’d love to hear your story, your journey, in life, and how IF / IFC has formed you. I could, if I wanted, go down the Memory Lane, and talk about who I am from beginning to today, but, I’ll only focus on that part my life where IF and IFC has mattered. Because it’s you guys who have been a part of my life, the journey I am on. We share, that’s the key of this social media generation. We share spotting sessions, screenshots and videos, events and group flights, real-world aviation news. We interact on so many levels today that telling you guys about my life, is just as much IFC talk as it is to purely mention about my contributions to this wonderful community that we all are an equal part of.

What’s not so equal, is that some have entered 2020, others have not. For me I got less than 6hrs to go, with all that said, I hope I haven’t bored you out too much, I would love to tag everyone to give a special thank individually, but that would take forever, and therefore take this token, written below!

Dear Infinite Flight Community, The Simulator Infinite Flight, All Moderators, Staff, and Developers, of IFLLC, I at this moment Say;

May this decade be ended in happiness, joy and excitement, always in memory and remembered by us forever, fo all that has happened, the sadness, the anger, the glad moment we got to share, with 2020, a new decade to fill a new chanter in our lives, I Wish You All A Prosperous, Healthy and Joyful Life ahead. May only the Blessings of the Best outcome of every situation be with you, as 2019 is a Memory in Good-Bye.


With that said, there are a few things to note;

  • Today, I’m a lot more Social; I dare to speak out my opinions that I have IFC to thank for.
  • I have found myself, IO know where I want to be, I’m grateful that all you are here today.
  • Me and my Best-friend have chosen different paths, in the long run, that has made me stronger.
  • I’m eternally happy to be a part of IFC, and I hope for another amazing year and decade together.

Something I often do think about, and question myself, is will I ever leave IFC, and if I do, when?

I’ve learned that everything comes with time, when I will leave, if I ever will leave, is a Coming Soon™ 😜 – Jokes aside, I don’t know when, but what I do know and care about, for now, is that, if I’m here, on IFC, for 10 more years, I want to be able to make a difference in at least someone’s life, make a positive change, for as many as possible. Because from now on out, My 1st Ever New Resolution will be;

Learn From Your Own Words, That You Teach Others With!

That’s All For Me – Fly High, Fly Far, Into 2020, Infinite Flight 🛫


Any help I gave you pails in comparison to what I’ve gotten from you, many thinks, and a happy new year! 🎊


I’m somewhat of a newcomer when it comes to IF and the community itself. However, I know I speak the truth when I say that from the moment I joined, I knew you were (and still are) one of the most impactful people on the forum. You’ve helped others in so many ways, and I’m truly honored to count you as a friend and fellow aviation enthusiast.

Thank you for sharing your story, JR! The new decade is soon upon us, and I can’t wait to see what it brings.

Blue skies and tailwinds


Hope, but for the best for you! Good Job my friend JR. 🤗


Tailwinds it is my friend, Cathay 880 en-route to LAX, expect some beautiful pictures comeing in the #screenshots-and-videos category this week ;)

Additionally, we all here on IFC are extremely happy to have you on board. A Amazing person, who is very supportive, assisting to your maximum, always spreading knowledge and happiness, that’s TaipeiGuru. I wish you a Happy New Year, and looking forward to a amazing 2020, with many more Events to host and work with cooperatively 🥳


Ah yes, the old PM…thanks for mentioning me!

Lest we forget Paddington Bear (you know what I mean)


Nice to hear you story as well as knowing about your love for Japan. No wonder why we saw the ANA feature requests from you.

Can’t wait for 2020 and maybe even flying with you on Infinite Flight!


That old PM… memories left in the past decade ;)

@ran, I’ve evern since I was 3 years old always heard my relatives and parents say, Japan is a great country, a prosperous one, beautiful culture, in 2017 I got experience it for myself and I’ll say, I was blown away by the hospitality the Japanese offer. Such a lovely country, I’m more than likely going visit JPN again in the coming years. JAL was a airline I looked up to as a child, hence I about a tear requested the livery for it, on the 777-300ER and hope to see it when the -300ER model is reworked but also have a profound love for ANA, and found it very odd that the -9 didn’t have ANA livery and a request was a must :)

I wish you a Happy New Year and and very happy that you support the ANA livery request, very much hope to see in IF one day.


Same to you Thomas. I wish you a Happy New Year, may 2020 being you joy and happiness. I know you’ll keep doing a great job here on IFC. You’ve always been positive, and a happy person, I hope to see more of that positivity being spread around here on IFC as we head into 2020 :)

@KPIT, we haven’t talked in a long time. I’m glad that my advice in the end did help you. I hope all is well at school and life is kind to you. Remember that do what you’re passionate about and what you wish and desire will eventually come to you, when the is and if what hope for us meant for you, in the end, what’s best will always arrive.

Stay well my friend and happy new year :🥳


The world need more positivity👌. @Captain_JR 🤙


This post was so powerful that it literally gave me chills.


Same to you @Captain_JR! Can’t wait to see you soon :)


Cheers to another Decade!
in 2029 we’ll all look back at this post and see how much IF has changed.

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In 10 Years, hopefully, we’ll all be here, and then we may look back at what the 2010’s gave us, that would be very nostalgic and amazing indeed, great idea, love it.

Happy New Year Matthew, hope to see many more quality events from you :)


I wish a Happy New Year to everybody in the Infinite Flight Community! I am so proud to be part of that awesome group of aviation enthusiasts. May the number of successful takeoffs always be the same as the number of successful landings!

Happy New Year JR. May we start a new decade with a new start, forget about those hardships you endured last year and moved on to become a new JR in the new decade :D


Really, this post illustrates perfectly what I love the most about this excellent game: the community.
The fact that people will help you to fly, even as a weak bird, is really just amazing, for the community of other games does not get even close.

Thank you, everyone, and happy New Year!

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Same old me, I wish to be who I am today, but be better than yesterday. Hardships will come and go, that’s why Im happy to have amazing friends like you. I mean I go day by day, it works, slowly but surely I’ll be one day able to look back and remember that one time is was difficult but now it is a breeze ✌️

Happy New Year George, May 2020 be the start if something amazingly cool, in other words some good K-Pop and of course that you have a prosperous and healthy year and future ahead of you 🎉


Happy New Year to everyone, from Poland!
I hope the new decade will bring great updates to IF! And we’re already a 1 year older! 😂🥳

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Don’t remind me. Age is just a number they say, well tell that to my horrible running speed 😂

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