A Days Fuel Burn FIMP to KSFO

Hello everyone. I have successfully beaten my previous record of a longest nonstop flight from EGLL to NZAA by flying from FIMP to KSFO.

Flight details:
Aircraft: 777 200 lr
Flight time: 23h37
Callsign: 3D-MKT heavy

Roll the pics

^^^Back taxing RWY14 at FIMP, Mauritius 🇲🇺

^^^ cruising at FL390 over the artic poles. (I was the most Northern plane in the server in that shot.)

^^^ begun descend on to San Francisco, USA 🇺🇸

Touch down at KSFO RWY28R

Parked at the International gate.

Thanks for reading 📚😀


Wow, 23hour!

very nice photo shot :)

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Thank you 😊

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This is crazy. Also night shots!

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Love Mauritius, hope you had a safe flight

Safe but long

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It would’ve been about an hour shorter but I came during a wave at KSFO so there were delays. I’m happy I didn’t get diverted. 🙂

I did RPLL-KSFO got diverted to KLAX

Yeah It’s was crazy. First time in a while to see over 200 arrivals for a event.

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