A day with the ACA 767!

The Boeing 767-300 needed some love this afternoon and I sure gave it some! Performing a flight to LAX, T1TAN heads for runway 24R at Person with a loaded flight as passengers are trying to get to where they are going to California! In the foreground, a WestJet Encore Dash 8 holds for the 767 coming from somewhere in Canada and in the background, a Air Canada A321 has just begun its pushback!

Departure Airport: Toronto Pearson (CYYZ)

Arrival Airport: Los Angeles (KLAX)

Aircraft: Boeing 767-300 (Air Canada)

Duration: 5 hours & 36 minutes

Server: Expert

Time of screenshot 12:11 CST Chicago.

Photo edited with Lightroom. Fully complies with the new photo rule.


Ah, the Air Canada 767 never gets old. I love when it visits my home airport, it’s so majestic. (Other than the time that it tried to do a tokyo drift 180 on the taxiway…) You get a cookie if you guess the airport without looking at my bio.


Ahh, the 767, the best aircraft!

Great photos! Love the colors!


Love that old Air Canada livery, great photo, @Andrew_C_Sonkin!

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Hmmmmm my options are, CYYZ, CYVR and or CYHZ. :)

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Hmmmm well, CYEG, CYAM, CYYG, CYWG…

I think the registration of the Air Canada 767 C-FOCA in that pic is the exact same one I flew on the 17th April 2019 from Dublin to Toronto, not 100% sure because this pic below is a bit blurry when zoomed in

One of those was right.

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Let me guess… The land of Moon Mist!

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Nice pic! Like all the different sizes of aircraft in this pic.

I spotted a 767 whilst it was parked at the gate at Heathrow, both on my way to Toronto, and from Calgary!

I’ve managed to fly the AC 767 3 times so far, twice yesterday:

EGLL - CYOW, server issue restricted my landing to an airport about 30nm north of CYOW.

EDDT - CYYZ, was a fun route. It’s seasonal.
KPHX - CYYZ, an underrated choice of departure. I slept through this flight until descent. I landed fine.