A Day with Key Lime Air at centennial airport (KAPA)

So about 2 months ago I was fortunate enough to go to KAPA with this camp. One of the camp directors was a retired United pilot and his son worked for Key Lime Air. Key lime air is a small commercial airline with 2 daily flights to Grand junction. Here are the pictures.

All of the pictures above are all Metroliners.
image image
These are dornier jet 328j’s.These are my best photos all taken from an iPhone 7. Enjoy :)


Those are the Dornier 328Js!

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Fixed the wording thank you!!

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Another note I would like to add is that I got start the engines on the dornier 328j’s and go through the engine shutdown checklist on the metroliner


Very cool! Hello from north of Denver (Longmont).

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I’ve always been curious about key lime air. As a denverite they have a lot of presence around me. Thanks for the little inside info :)

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Thank You for the feedback!!

As a Denver metro Area resident, always good to see Keylime! Great shots anyway @den.aviation

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Thank you! I was fortunate to be able to ago. I was lucky I didn’t have baseball.

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