A Day Of Spotting ~ @KSFO January 2020

Hey IFC!

I went for some spotting at KSFO about two weeks back. It was very windy so my pictures were bad, but this was the first time trying out the camera.

Let’s get into it! and my very very weird captions… sigh

The Famous Eskimo:

The United Army:

Cathay A350 going through tower security screening:

Run for your life tow truck!

Heavy Heavy, sorry, it’s Super A380:

The Frenzy:

Thanks for seeing! Sorry about the blurriness, it was quite windy that day.


Those pictures are really good - some great angles there! - you only notice the slight blurriness if you zoom in a lot - my favourite one is the tow truck being chased by the A330.


hahaha, yep, that’s a nice one.

Usually, it’s quite peaceful at KSFO, but that day was just a whole new level. My tripod almost fell due to the wind… so I had to hold the tripod the entire time

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If that had happened…:

RIP @ran’s Camera Tripod
Unknown - January 2020
Cause Of Death: KSFO’s wind 👿


Hahahaha… anyways, I’ll be going next month as well… otherwise it’ll be KSJC (@BigBert10 laughs maniacally with KSJC taking over the world…)


He’s gonna rage when he sees that comment 🤣😂


You might catch the inaugural flight from Brisbane. If you go on. The right day

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Spot at KSJC…it also has traffic


Will do so someday…

Maybe next time you spot?

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No, I’ll probably go to KSFO next one…

For KSJC, I’ll have to get up early to reach on time to see the ANA.

Wow! That’s sad


This reminds when I went spotting Jan 4th at DEN this year there were 25 kt gusts and it was freezing out. It was so hard to keep my camera still and my tripod Almost fell over when I was night spotting


I probably will go in the near future… looking to see if I can bring some others as well :)

It’s on a Tuesday :( have school

I might go to see the ANA inaugural flight from HND-SFO or the other way around

Bigbert10 = rage

Nice triple right there on the last one 👏

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You could find the inaugural HND-SJC flight

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Perhaps… let’s see.

Nice photos!

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