A day of spotting @ KSFO (6/28/20)

Hello IFC!

A couple days ago, I ventured out of my house and hung around KSFO for a day (More like convince my mom to take me to the airport for my birthday which on the 25th). Unfortunately, with COVID-19 tons of flights have been cancelled, and most international carriers have suspended service. Thanks to @GlobalFlyer1 was able to check out a couple new spots to view aircraft from! Please note, I do have a fairly basic camera, and I'm still learning. Also, on some of the pics, I have "28P Photography". Nothing professional. Just kinda like it. If you do however want to use any of my pics, just PM me. Well, without further adieu, here's what I got for y'all!

We begin the day with D-AIXB. Just a couple days ago, Lufthansa restarted flights in and out of KSFO with the A350 at a frequency of 3 times a week I think?
Anyway, there she is at the gate preparing for the trip back to Germany.

Up next, a couple shots of this beautiful Air Canada A319 (C-GBIP) in from Vancouver in the old livery. This aircraft will be having it’s 25th birthday on the 25th of August, just a little under 2 months away!

Got a pic of this 777-200ER departing, but it caught me off guard so the photo quality isn’t as great as the others. Anyway, this one was bound for EWR. I don’t remember the N number, so no aircraft info this time around.

At this point, we wouldn’t be seeing any more heavies for a while so I had my mom drive along the north access road for a while. This road takes you along the North side of the airfield over to the little Coast Guard station and right next to the big United hangar where United has been storing some of their 777s and 737s. For a map of the road click here. The down side to this almost too good to be true path is that the view of the field is obscured by a fence to stop people from driving in, and theres not many places to stop on the side of the road.
First of the pictures from the N. Access rd. is a shot of some 777s. I put a frame around it, and intend to use it as a card either for Christmas, Birthdays, Get-Well-Soon or some random greeting card.

Up next is a really quick shot that I got of United’s “Her Art Here” California livery on the 757 Which btw needs to be reworked in IF. If you haven’t voted for it, please please please vote for it here: Boeing 757 Rework

The last shot I got on the road was of this Air China Cargo 747-400F that just came in from LAX. It picked up some more cargo and quickly departed for Anchorage.

We ended the day at Bayfront park, where I take pictures of incoming aircraft while my mom engraves my name on the bench closest to runway 1L and R (she didn’t get to this time as a family was sitting on the bench…)
As I only get ten pics, here are the only 2 pics from the park that I’ll share with you guys.
Not my best shot from Bayfront but one that I do want to show is of this super light Southwest 737 bound for LAX. This aircraft started it’s takeoff roll at the Taxiway November mark which is about 2,000 feet from the beginning of 28L and hit Vr about 500 ft before the 28L and 1L intersection. That’s about a little over 2,000 feet of runway length. I couldn’t believe it! Click here for an airport diagram of SFO for those of you that aren’t as familiar with the layout.

And lastly this 787 coming in from Frankfurt touching down right in front of a private jet bound probably for Las Vegas.

Also got the moon in there, but it came out a funky red.

And that’s that!
Well, I hope you enjoyed viewing these pics! I will be posting another spotting topic in a couple days of my adventures in Wine Country (my home). Feedback is always appreciated.
And on that note, as I couldn’t find any birbs to take a pic of, here’s my dog, Ellie Rose. I left for SFO at around 11:30, and I came back 4 or 5 hours later to find her patiently waiting for me in the backyard randomly sitting on a bench. I have no clue how long she was up there, but I thought it was hilarious :)

Until next time!



Really nice shots. Super well done!

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Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed!

Hey @N2628P! Great pictures!

I’m also based in San Francisco, so just curious, did the Skyterrace & Bayfront Park open again? I believe last time when I went, Bayfront was closed.

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Bayfront is indeed open. However I did not check the Skyterrace. I figured they’d be closed so I didn’t even try…
Thank you!

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Hmmm… cool, last Wednesday Bayfront was closed, so I guess I just missed.

Anyways, thanks so much, I like the AC A319 a lot!

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Yes, that’s correct:

Very nice pictures too! I especially like the A350, which fittingly also has my last name initial in the Registration ;)
Thanks for sharing!


Sweet! Thanks for fact checking!
Cool that you and a plane share a same last name… no letter… well. You have something in common 😂

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Its about the little things right😂

No problem at all, thanks for the great pictures!

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Almost forgot! What’s a spotting topic without some polls?

Favorite pic?

  • 1 (A359)
  • 2 (Air Canada taxi)
  • 3 (Air Canada parking)
  • 4 (777 departure)
  • 5 (stored 777s)
  • 6 (Her Art here)
  • 7 (Air China Cargo 747)
  • 8 (STOL 737)
  • 9 (787 landing)
  • 10 (Ellie Rose)

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Favorite spotting locations at KSFO

  • Parking garage with view of international term taxiways
  • North Access road
  • Bayfront Park
  • Sky terrace
  • Long term parking at 10L threshold

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Best airport in the Bay Area

  • KSFO

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Ok, last one was a joke… but I sorta had to. If y’all fight I’ll take it down.

Nice photos of SFO

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What’s the location for the first pic?

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Bayfront is a park, it can’t be closed.


International garage g. A little past the departure drop off point for the international term

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I don’t know… it is owned by KSFO. Doesn’t that mean they can close it?

It was closed earlier. I’ve gone there 3 times between May & June and it was closed till last week it seems.

I’ve driven past a while ago, and technically SFO closed the parking but I’ve seen a lot of people continue to walk around or cycle. There’s also a Marriott nearby so to my knowledge they can’t just close the entire area.

Cool shots though! Also the best location is Westfield, but that’s been closed by SFO :(


That last picture seems to be featuring a Gulfstream G-IV of the Sands Corporation, based here in Las Vegas.

Great pictures!


Amazing shots, loved the image of the Air Canada A319 parking. :)

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Awesome shots!

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