A Day of Coastguard Fun!

This morning I chose to fly the coastguard C-130J for a few of the community events happening today. Here are some photos from the events a participated in!

Flight Details

Aircraft: C-130J
Livery: USCG
Airports: KADW, KPIE, KNBG
Events: Andrews Air Force Base Airshow, Coastguard Group Flight

I started out the morning at Andrews Air Force base, for the airshow happening there. I started out as a spectator, but ended up performing a small coastguard demo which was cool.

Spectating as the airshow begins with a DC-10 flyby

Watching an amazing F-22 performance

Performing a coastguard demo as the spectators watch from down below

Landing after my short performance

After the airshow, I flew down south to Clearwater Airport for a coastguard group flight with @IFA_YT and @Ethan_Brown. We flew along the ocean to New Orleans Navy station. Enjoy!

Taking off at Clearwater

Climbing to cruise

Landing one by one in New Orleans

The three of us parked together

Thanks again to @Zigler_AviationYT and @IFA_YT for hosting these amazing events (sorry for the pings). Let me know which photo was your favorite down below. As always, have a great rest of your day!

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Whichever picture wins, I will change to my profile background!


love them!

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Love it looks cool

Thanks! I wish you could have been there.

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Beautiful photos! What software do you use to edit them?

Nice pics!;D Love it:)

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All I used was the built-in IPhone editor actually

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Looks like you guys want me to change photo #8 to my profile background!