A Day of Alaska Air Flights

Hello there!

Just a little while back today I got finished with my third leg of a flight day that was originally going to consist of just two flights. Yeah I don’t got much more to say here, but I’ll have things to say along side the photos!

Mini-mod repellent

Server: Expert
AIrcraft: B737-800 in the Alaska Livery

Now onto the photos…

1| Taking off from a very lively Austin

2| Passing by a Delta 737 who I believe was also headed to Austin, or at least somewhere in Texas.

3| On descent into Portland, passing by Mt. Hood

4| Passing over the Columbia River and the i205 bridge on climb-out from Portland

5| My house is down there somewhere and I can catch the real life flights from PDX to SFO

6| My accomplice for the flight, @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek, flying about 8727 burgers stacked vertically higher up than me

7| Sitting at the gate at San Fran

8| Third and final leg begins. Remember @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek from a couple of pictures ago? Well he’s back in a 772, pictured closest to my plane

9| I’ll spare you the cruise over the ocean, and here I am swiftly approach Maui very close to sunset

10| Touchdown and somewhat smooth, not quite used to night landings.


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Thanks for dropping by!


My home is where h landed good sir :)

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Americans will use anything but the metric system…


It was fun flying with you yesterday ^^

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Those screenshots are fantastic mate ! :)

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Same here! Usually I fly these several leg routes by myself, so it’s nice to get company every once in a while!

Glad you thought they were fantastic, because minus a fuel problem on the first leg, the flights were fantastic!

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Your home is the first airport I ever flew to, so I visit in IF somewhat regularly

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@anon36731834 remember this?

this was December?? I’m off by bit…