A Day in the Life of an Airline Pilot?

Hello IFC:

As many of you know, I work for an airline as a ramp agent. With that, comes some pretty cool benefits. With all that being said, would you guys be interested in a Video/updates on what a normal day of an airline pilot is? I have a few friends that are airline pilots and I would ask if I could follow them around for the day. Let me know if you guys have any questions you want me to ask him during this time.

In no way am I promoting anything. I just like to get the community involvement with some ideas.


Shoot, I thought you were asking for channels! That’s on me.

To answer your question, yes.


Cool. I know Swayne did a video on it… But this would be like from a passengers prospective living a pilots life on the road.

I would like that. Keep me posted!

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