A Day in The Life of an Airline Pilot [PT2]

It has been a hot second since I last did one of these… the first topic I did on this can be found here: City hopping, busy day!

That day, I ended my trip with a flight down to Miami on a JetBlue a320. Then, @Icey stole my plane and flew it back to New York… (\What do you think of my pictures?)
After that, I was stuck in Miami until I can get another plane to fly… and by chance… only the short amount of time of 15 days later, I got my big hands on a new plane… a bootiful JetBlue Airbus a321!!11

sO, I flew that back to New York, and after a 5 hour rest in which I spent in the city, I hopped on an “Embruh” and flew that down to Sarasota, Florida.

Here are some pics from the MIA-JFK flight.

After this, I took an Uber with my co-pilot to Manhattan, more specifically Max Brenner’s for lunch. Who doesn’t love chocolate pizza 🤤

We also then took the 4 train downtown, to the One World Trade Center! Unfortunately, today I was tired, and my eyes where lagging. All I saw was the satellite imagery of the building :(

After this, we still had some time to spare. So, we headed up to the rooftop pool at TWA hotel! That was fun, until I realized the plane I was flying had already pulled in!

I ended the day of flying with this last leg to SRQ.

For my next flight, they put me on a dead header to Gatwick, With a connection at Vienna. Comment which is your fav pic, and where you think they are flying me! Stay tuned to see where I go next 👀


I’m not sorry 😄

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wow, i’m suprised