A day in the life of an A&P / Private Pilot

What a day! I figured I’d share with everyone.

06:15 Drive to work usually you can see the runway lights off in the distance.

06:40 Arrive at work, and finish assembling the Beechcraft Bonanza S35 that I just installed a Aspen Evolution PFD on.

07:30 Go grab the Cessna 182 Skylane I’ve been asked to fly later in a flight of 2 for a funeral of a fallen pilot.

08:20 Taxi out in the 182 for a check out flight with my instructor. We did 4 touch and goes, 1 pattern doing steep turns. Then we shot an LDA approach into the airport.
Shutting down at 09:30.

09:40 Cleaned up the Bonanzas windows, vacuumed, and moved planes out of the hanger.

10:30 Taxi the Bonanza over to the owners hanger, and put it away.

11:00 Got back in the 182 for our flight if 2 with a Cessna 310. We ended up flying for around 40 minutes we did 2 low passes over the cemetery the 310 was the lead as I followed behind. Very fun experience I was glad to be apart of.

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Met the owner of the Bonanza then we went for its test flight. Which was flawless the PFD acted just as it should. The autopilot behaved flawlessly, and we spend an hour just flying around enjoying the new panel. It wasn’t too bad to be in the company of an ex Marine, and retired 747 UPS Captain either. 😏

What an amazing day in the life of a A&P / Pilot.


That sounds like a exciting day

Sounds more appealing than IDing alloys of rivets based on the part number… man, I bombed that test. It’s so mundanely boring…

I love this topic. Looks like you had an amazing day, and I hope you do more of these soon.

Wow, that’s pretty neat!

Wow you have an amazing life sir

That sounds pretty cool meanwhile in controller life had to take a class on TERPS. RIP to that pilot.

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