A Day In the Life of a Terminal Procedures Designer

Ever wonder how a day in the life of a Procedures Designer goes?

Today, I’ll try to outline exactly what I do… some experiences may differ…

7:45- Pull into the parking lot, walk into the office. Say hello to a few people (only 6 in today), see the boss is gone and wonder if I’ll take a 1:30hr lunch today…

8:05- Sit down in office, tell the guy a share an office with his keys are still in the door… for the 3rd time this month, he laughs and gets them out.

8:06- log onto computer, check email… been out of the office for a few days and see 4 DSR reports patiently waiting for my return… avoid opening them…

8:10- pull up my favorite NOTAMS website, check the aiport NOTAMS I have published procedures at. Nothing no, nothing to worry about. Back to the email…

8:20- pull up global procedure design for it not to work because of new computer needing an activation code… call the help desk for code, “they’re busy” and will email me later… yippee now I really have nothing to do…

8:30- checked all procedures in development, checked reviews and no changes… just waiting on my activation code…

8:35- logged on to school website, guess I’ll do homework while I wait…

8:40- this homework is boring, time to bug some coworkers and see what’s up this weekend… made some plans for shark fishing later in the week…

9:10- time to go outside and get some fresh air…

9:30- still no code, received two more DSR reports… guess I’ll start going through them and looking for my airports and any changes… crossed fingers none will be listed…

9:35- almost made it, one change, time to see what amdt they have made… hopefully nothing procedural… head on over to a cool website, sorry, you’re not allowed to know, and check out these changes… it takes forever to load… while I wait, I took around on an office tracker… looks like I didn’t get some stuff, need to check out a few more things…

9:38- website finally comes up… NEW PASSWORD REQUIRED??? Come on, I just finally remembered the last one I had to make…

9:40- new password made and checked the changes… awesome, just what I wanted to see… so many GPS waypoint changes… On how many procedures… 6??? What are they doing out there!?

9:55- o yea… my procedure software still won’t work… out to the smoke pit…

10:05- hey hey hey… look what’s sitting in my inbox, new activation code! Time to get to work!

10:30- usual new computer backup stuff… takes ages… just sitting here watching it all load into the system… nothing fun to report… probably going to go to lunch today… maybe jimmy johns?

10:38- making some progress on the first backup… not sure how many I have to do


Searched around and found a new background pic too

10:50- came back outside to pass a few more minutes while the restore process takes place, said something like 45 minutes remaining… so here’s a picture of two palm trees for you

11:41- still restoring… 😴😴😴

11:55- look over and see that apparently I wasn’t waiting on 100%… it’s still climbing too… I wonder how high it’ll go?

1:30- well I ate some lunch, nothing exciting there. Somewhere in the restore process the software or backup file became corrupted, crashing the program and now it’s super jacked up, won’t start or load up anything… so now I have to put in a trouble ticket and wait for someone to fix it for me… bummer…

Once it’s fixed and I’ve updated everything I’ll start this over with some of the exciting stuff…


It seems like you are the busiest man working in the US right now!!


Actual work completed… 0


Sounds very complicated yet relaxed at the same time. 😂

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Wow. I’ll give you a tad bit of what my morning looks like.

7:30 wake up

7:45 just manages to sit on the side of the bed

7:47 reaches for phone, leg cramp at this stage

7:49 wakes up after falling asleep after getting tired from reaching for the phone

8:00 check Snapchat, still on bed

8:05 check Instagram, still on bed

8:10 check Facebook, still on bed

8:15 still trying to get up, occasionally receives shouts at this point of time

8:17 reality kicks in

8:25 fully ready

8:30 school


Very relaxing, no stress job… is conplicatied and frustrating at times

I’m surprised to say but @anon66442947 works more than you


I would call that winning then…


He is known as Fastest in the Land, so fast his computer cant keep up with him

I came expecting an actual explanation on how you procedure designers actually go about designing stuff.

I wasn’t disappointed either way.

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Well, if I could get into my program… that was going to happen… I may start again tomorrow

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Here is what my most interesting day schedule is on a cruise:
10:00 wake up
10:30 eat
11:00 walk
14:00 end walking (I walk a lot on cruises)
14:00 pizza for lunch
14:15 milkshake
14:30 swim
15:00 walk
17:00 end walking
17:10 dinner
18:00 photos with captain (formal)
19:00 stand outside and watch the sunset
20:00 sleep.
That is my interesting day on a cruise.
Your schedule.e makes me look lazy.

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Isn’t that the point of a cruise? To be lazy?


@THE-OP in the winter when its slow, we play H.O.R.S.E. trash ball for money…

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I like that idea, will start trying to hustle someone into a game

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everyone puts in a dollar, winner gets the pot. Sometimes rock paper scissor too. everything is a gamble lol

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One question…what is a DSR report? Knowing that might help to make the day a bit more interest and why you try to avoid them…

My work day equalley exciting so wont try to compete!

What is your pay? (Annually and hourly)

That’s a bit of personal information. I’m sure he may not want to answer that.


Maybe… but not for me.