A day in the life of a ground worker at Seattle

Hello IFC! Today I take you along with me on a day in my life as a ground worker at Seattle international airport!

I think this is what i want to do when i grow up so i figured i would post some pictures!

Our first plane of the day of the day is an Alaska 737-900 as we load it with cargo for a flight down to Los Angeles.

Our first heavy of the day is a Delta A330Neo as I wing walk the plane for a flight to Tokyo Haneda.

My next job is marshaling this Alaska Horizon E175 into the ramp that just arrived in from Portland.

Not to long after that I get called to
Pushback a Delta A321Neo with a flight to New York.

My next job is unloading cargo from a giant Airfrance 777-300 who just arrived from Paris.

I was next called to do a safety walk around check on this United A320 before heading to Chicago.

As it starts to get later In the day the heavy’s bound for Europe start to get ready for departure, this first one, a Delta A330 I wing walk it for its flight to Amsterdam.

The highlight of the day for me is pushing back the same Airfrance 777-300 for its return flight to Paris.

As it starts to get later in the day, i help this Iceland air 757-200 with catering for its flight to Keflavik.

Our final flight of the day is this Alaska 737-900 with red eye service to Miami

Thanks for reading!

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Nice! very creative storytelling!

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Thank you!

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Quick question how do you make it so flight controls aren’t visible and name tags


There’s a setting about that. Look for it

In settings?

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As someone who does this for a living the views are not too shabby 😉


Is that KSLC?

@Flight-enthusiast go to settings, then online and it’s the first two settings

Yes it is SLC


Basically the same thing. Lol


That looks fun, but I think I will stick to flying the planes.

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Thanks, really loves this! Next level should be a video!

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A few years ago at SEA i saw a ground handler sniff a pack of gum and make a refreshing look while walking away from a plane 😂 kinda random post

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Is the B4 spray painted on the tug like an ID for that particular vehicle, or does it mean something else?

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It’s the gate that it “belongs to”, provided someone else doesn’t try to steal it