A day in the life of a Airline Ramp Agent

Hello IFC,
Today I bring this topic to answer some questions about what it’s like as an airline ramp agent. Questions are not limited and can be on the topic of being an actual ramp agent, my cargo ramp agent, as an aircraft cleaner as well as working in the baggage service office. I don’t speak for all airlines but I can tell you a few things on what airlines are doing to fight the Covid-19 pandemic! Ask away and learn some new things!


What is the biggest challenge as a ramp agent in your opinion?

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Did the cleaning staff actually ever clean the plane pre covid?

How long do you spend cleaning an aircraft per night?

The unknown. It could be a normal day or it could a far from normal day

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It depends on how many people we have. Usually we work as a team of 5 so between an hour and an hour and a half depending on is dirty it is

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Yes! It may have not been a deep clean but cleaning procedures have changed ever since covid has started

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