A Day In My Local Airport

I would like to thank my local airport Ireland West Airport Knock for bringing me up to their ATC tower to observe for a few hours! I even got to direct an aircraft in for landing and clear them too!

I also had the opportunity to visit the cockpit of a Ryanair 737-800NG and talked to the captain! A great experience for anyone interested in aviation as it shows us the work that goes on behind the scenes to get you on your way to your destination! Enjoy the photos!
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Why do you have to make me jealous? :(

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Really! Still great experience! I’ll post the pictures of me in the cockpit when I transfer them onto my iPad

I got to fly with SAS, accompanied by a TV crew from the biggest news station in Norway :) I will link the video below, but you won’t understand anything as it is in norwegian though… :P But haven’t gotten the chance to visit the tower (yet)!

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It’s a great experience! They were all really nice and encouraging! Even the captain was nice! He was going to let me sit in his seat but out I of respect I said I was not worthy to take your place!

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No he was actually really nice and gave me a lot of info about becoming a pilot!

Very suprised as Ryanair are always out for a penny.

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Hahah wow! I’ve become an internal “celebrety” to the norweigan SAS pilots, so I always get to sit in the cockpit when flying with them! It’s a great experience!! :) Love it! They are always so friendly and happy, remember, all pilots are geeks and enthusiasts! They LOVE to chat about their hobby!

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I was more surprised at Aer Lingus! They are more strict about letting people in to see the cockpit than Ryanair! Even though a lot of people dislike the airline they are still a solid airline! I’ll have to email Aer Lingus about a visit to the cockpit whenever I get the chance!

More strict than RYANAIR?!

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You said it! The assistant ATC told me that!

This is also my local airport :P. You’re very lucky, I shall try next time.

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So Lucky, I Can’t Try This on my Local Airport which is an International Airport lol

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Lol my “local airport” is LAX 😂


Lol Mine’s CGK xD

2 years ago I’ve been in Schiphol tower. EHAM Amsterdam
But my pictures are away 😢😢

Yup lax is mine