A Day In Abu Dhabi @OMAA - 081900ZMAR20

A Day In Abu Dhabi

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Welcome to the Abu Dhabi flyout!

Welcome to Abu Dhabi international, an airport which serves over 24 million passengers by over 207,000 flights a year (and that’s of 2016). Abu Dhabi is the hub to Etihad, which in recent years has had some financial issues and hopefull this event could make you look into it if you haven’t heard of the current problem. Sign up is simple, preferebly reference the quote in a comment and I will set you up for that flight! (if 2 people request the same route I can sort out different departure times)
Have fun if you decide to come along

More About Abu Dhabi International

Airport Charts

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Event Info

Date And Time: 2020-03-07T19:00:00Z

Server: Expert

Airport: OMAA


Please spawn in 15 minutes before your chosen
flight time starts.

Follow ATC if present

If not use UNICOM respectively and responsibly

Have Fun Everyone

Gates & Routes

Terminal 1
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendee
101 a380 Etihad EGLL @GPilot118
102 787-10 Etihad EHAM
103 a321 Etihad OMDB @James_Digby
111 777-300ER Etihad LEBL
112 a380 Air france LFPG
113 747-8 Lufthansa EDDF
121 a330 Air Eygpt HECA
122 777-200ER British Airways EGLL
123 a380 Etihad KJFK
131 787-9 American Airlines KLAX
132 a350 Singapore WSSS
133 777-300ER Air China ZSPD
134 777-300ER Cathay Pacific VHHH
135 747-400 Thai Airlines VTBS
Terminal 2
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendee
201 a380 Qantas YSSY
202 a380 Etihad YPPH
204 777-300ER Turkish Airlines LFTM
205 777-300ER Etihad KSFO
206 a350 United KEWR
208 777-300ER Air Canada CYVR
209 787-10 Etihad SBGL
221 787-10 Etihad SCEL
Terminal 3
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendee
301 a321 Etihad OTHH
302 a321 Etihad OOMS
303 a321 Etihad OKBK
304 787-10 Etihad FACT
305 a321 Etihad OEJN
306 a321 Etihad LLBG
307 777-300ER Etihad BIKF
308 a380 Etihad OTHH
309 787-10 Etihad KIAD @United2
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendee
203 a330F Etihad LTFM
207 777-200F Etihad WSSS

Sorry for the lack of Cargo Routes

Partnerships are open

Flight Planning Websites

See You There!


Hello, and nice event! However, as per the new rules of the #live:events category, an event may not be announced more than 30 days in advance.



Ok I’ll change the date

Also Great Efforts on the event but wud be great to have realistic routes here on terminal 2 Terminal 2 is used to operate only low cost airlines from india and elsewhere
Let me know and i can help you with realistic gates

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Oh ok I’ve never been to AUH and I couldn’t find anything about it. I want it to be more about the big jets aswell

Unfortunately the date is now even further than 30 days. Please change it or it it subject to closure.

Well i have Born and brought up in abu dhabi and flown in and out atleast 7 times a years


It’s in 25 days

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You should change your title then :)

13th march is the least you could put

It is correct isn’t it? Can you correct me

Signups Open

Gate 103 please

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Can I have gate 101 a380 to EGLL pls

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@James_Digby and @GPilot118 you have been scheduled

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More Signups needed

I can make you an ad if you make one for me😉

I might not be able to attend, but I just want to say thank you for not putting the number of people attending in the title. Everyone else: use this as a good example!!!

Thanks for the support :D

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If you would like to join, make sure to sign up now :D