A Day At Tillamook Air Museum

Before we get into this, please note that this is not plane spotting as it is not at an active airport. So please keep this in the real world category.

Photos From Tillamook Air Museum

Hey all, this is going to be a look at the Tillamook Air Museum and what I took from it. Be Prepared for some rare and awesome planes.

Starting off, we have one of my favorite Naval Aircraft. The F-14(A). This sucker has seen combat all over the world. Even against the next aircraft…

…A Soviet MIG-17.


The A-7E is a Naval Combat Bomber that has seen action in the Gulf War, Desert Storm, and Afghanistan. This beauty served long and hard.


This is a Sky Arrow 650TCN. An Italian made light aircraft. This is a dank little machine.


Aircraft Type is Unknown. Looks awesome though.

Baby got nose.


This is a 2000 ALEXANDER MANFRED LANCAIR-320. Awesome plane.

And to finish us off. We have the Mini Guppy. The smaller version of the Super Guppy. It equals… One. Big. Boi.

And that should finish us off. The Tillamook Air Museum is located in Tillamook, Oregon. Near the Cheese Factory. Awesome find. Totally recommend.

Catch you in the next one guys.


Nice pictures mate

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Some classic and awesome aircraft you got here. Great shots bud!

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Thanks Dylan!

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