A Day at Heathrow (28/6/20) - RETAKE

Finally after a long time I finally went spotting again at one of my favourite airports. COVID-19 was no problem for this journey however as social distancing was observed throughout the trip and the lockdown was eased enough to make this journey safe THIS IS THE SECOND TAKE OF THIS TOPIC BECAUSE I ACCIDENTALLY HIT THE CREATE BUTTON ON THE FIRST ONE 🤭🤭

Anyways time for the pics!

BRITISH AIRWAYS - Airbus A350-1000 - G-XWBB

CATCH OF THE DAY (photo quality). BA A320-200. - G-EUYR

Cathay Pacific - Boeing 747-400 - B-LIC

Emirates (EXPO2020 GREEN) - no reg visible but probably A6-EPU

COTD - rarest catch* . BA 787-10. - DELIVERY FLIGHT - G-ZBLA

  • COTD stands for CATCH OF THE DAY

These are just my best ones of the day in my opinion. If you want more photos please ask in a reply. But if you want one please define what you want e.g. “most special livery” but feel free just to look 🙂🙂

All photos were taken at Myrtle Avenue


These are some amazing pictures :)

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What was the delivery flight route?

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Going to Heathrow on the 15th when most flights resume and both runways are used again, I know it’s still not that safe to travel but I can’t wait to see that many planes going in and out again next month 😁

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