A daring rescue caught on tape

Well since we don’t use tape anymore… So I guess more like caught on video?

ANNNYYYWAYS A daring rescue was caught on camera in the French Alps. The French EC-145 was dispatched to rescue a skier on the alps. Located at 7,400ft the helicopter did it’s job perfectly.

The rescue took place on the Anterene Pass, popular to both French and British skiers.




The 19 year old was rescued off the mountain top safely. Here’s a video of all of it taking place

In 2018 a US Army CH-47 Chinook was used in another daring rescue on Mt Hood when a man planning to commit suicide decided he wanted to live. That rescue took place at 11,000ft

You can see that clip here:


Wow…with out heli’s idk what we would do lol


We’d have boring pilots known as fixed wing guys! (Shots fired) lol


Lol 😂 easy mark 😂😂

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Lol! Helicopters have made incredible things happen!


Without a doubt they are amazing machines

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land like ryanair on the side of a mountain in a bush plane. or just climb the mountain

Sorry what?

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I know. Even more of a reason why we should have helicopters in Infinite flight!

Completely agree! I’d love to see the 212/412 added lol

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That is insane! Helicopter pilots and all pilots are very talented and skilled at what they do, and this just shows it.

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Great! very impressive! good job and imagine flying that helicopter!

I’ve done this a few times in mountainous areas.

Whilst it looks cool the biggest decision you need to make as the aircraft Captain is whether or not there is experience in the MRT (mountain rescue team) and adequate clearance from the slope to the upslope blade tip path. As you can see in a still image the blades are close to the slope, now imagine then rotating at full Nr (operational rotation speed). Not really an issue from the cockpit as you can pretty accurately judge the tip path from the seat.

The real issue comes from those trying to access the aircraft from outside. The MUST close from the sides as the distance, vertically, from the slope to the whirling blades can be measured, often, in only inches. Hence an experience MRT!

Nice pictures!

(To the defense of the plank brigade one of the most skillful pickups I have ever seen was in the Swiss Alps with a BN12 Islander who landed up a 45 degree slope. Held the aircraft stationary upslope with the throttles, loaded the casualty and then backed off one donk, rotated on the spot and took off down slope! Absolutely amazing skills!!! Kudos! :D )

(Scottish Highlands SAR Captain 1989-1991)


Good luck (i’m a skiier i know) so enjoy.

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