A custom livery server

I think a new update involving custom liveries would be brilliant, though I have been looking at some suggestions of it and the replies say that this would take away the realism aspect of Infinite Flight. I agree with this, and decided it would be cool if there were a server where you can make your own livery to fly with, but only on that server (for all other servers, you can’t fly planes with custom liveries) please get back to me with your ideas,

If a team

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Custom liveries would be great! As long as they don’t cree into the advanced/playground servers.

But I would imagine they’re hard to make on a professional scale, unless you work with 3D models all the time.

You can make custom liveries already (YouTube videos I think tell you how).

Long live the DC-9!

Not a chance.
Custom liveries in the main are badly designed, aren’t coded correctly and need everyone to have a copy of that livery on their device to be able to see what you are flying. The size of files on your device would spiral exponentially.
Also you pay for aircraft and their liveries. Why would the devs cut off a revenue stream?

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Apple doesn’t allow modifying apps outside the devs. Idk about Android but if Apple doesn’t support it, the devs aren’t gonna include it