A Crystal Clear Seattle Sky to a Golden Gusty Sunset in Northern California

My what seems to be weekly post of pictures from Seattle to San Francisco. As I say every week the scenery is amazing and even better when landing at sunset. Flight time was 1 hour 18 minutes thanks to an 80 knot crosswind at 36,000 feet. I saw @BigBert10 on my map when he was flying to SEA from you can guess where. I don’t know if it’s windy everywhere today but both SEA and SFO were windy and we had 40 mph gusts at my house in PA

Rotating Out of Seattle into a 20 knot headwind Flying Southwest before our Southern turn to San Francisco Climbing out of the Seattle-Tacoma area with mountains in the background Cruising over Northern California Descending into a hazy San Francisco 15 miles out on a long Final into SFO Approaching runway 19L (I know they usually land on the 28s but I wanted to land with the 25 knot crosswind) Crabbing into the 25 gusting 35 knot wind A rough touchdown just off the centerline At the gate just before the sun sets

Please let me know your thoughts, and what is your favorite photo!

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Nice shots!

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Thank You!


Very nice pics! I like #6. Looks like planes passing by my house, plus the sun makes it look really cool. And realistic too, the planes usually cross over the sun at my house and it’s completely blinding lol


Thanks! That’s my favorite picture too and hopefully you didn’t hear the screeching of the tires when the plane slammed into the ground 😬

Oh come on! Why not San Jose (SJC/KSJC)

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Third one is Stunning!

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The one over mount rainier is amazing!

That was last week, I’ll probably do Oakland next and keep rotations between the 3

The mt. Rainer one is awesome, keep it up! I can’t wait to see the ASA A320 next week.
(lots of A’s here. There’s another one there, and there too!)

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Thank you, it took a little while to get but turned out well!

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Thanks! I like that one too

Fantastic pictures once again! Really stunning, thanks for sharing!

Well, Alaska does not have Airbus service to Oakland FYI

They have Airbus service to San Jose though from Seattle

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I could fly the 739, or just fly to SJC 😂

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I choose the second option XD

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