A Crazy Scenario Involving the New Update

What if, for example, I’m flying the B777-200ER when the update comes out. What would happen to the flight?

Nothing will happen to your flight until you will update the app.

I am not sure how will this impact the live server though.


So there would be the old and new versions of the B777 flying at the same time?

There is now with all the beta testers


You will only see the older version of the 777-200ER if your app is not updated.


Okay. Thanks for your answer!

Okay. Thank you so much for your answer!

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You will continue to fly and nothing should happen. You won’t be able to see the others anymore. I would then end my flight and update it.

Okay. Thanks for your advice!

If you don’t update the sim then you’ll not have any problems in your flight, you’ll be able to continue the flight as normal

if anyone spawns at the airport with the new 772, for you, you’ll only see the old 772 or if the player is using a new livery then he won’t appear for you

Thanks! I will take this into consideration.

Will the update make you’re game slower

You’ll be rest assured that if your device runs IF as it is now, you should be able to run it post-update.

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I don’t think so, the game will stay as normal, just maybe a server disconnection but the app will not run slower ;)

I actually never thought of this…

Thank you so much tho really much

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