a Crash Prediction.... (Fake, The Flight got cancelled due to Typhoons)


“There will be a plane crash in Singapore near by the Changi International Airport, on 27th September 2016…”

Once again, Jucelino Nobrega da Luz from Brazil had accurately predicted the fate of AirAsia QZ8501, Malaysia Flight 370 & 17 and TransAsia Airways Flight GE235 Predicted that a Singapore Airlines Plane (SQ879) will crash next year 😨😨😨. If we see it on Flightradar24, SQ879 serves TPE-SIN route with an A333. Hope this isn’t true

Singapore Airlines, A Great Way To Fly


Holy s*** I’m going on a Singapore airlines flight on that date from that airport.


I Hope You don’t use SQ879 😨😨😨
Edited : Sorry that I Didn’t read it carefully

Singapore Airlines, A Great Way To Fly


Well I’d like to say it seen nice knowing ya! Cya jk lol


@Sowhat215 I don’t think that’s a joke


So I said jk geez calm down


Only some jokes can be tolerated


You guys believe this stuff? I hope you all are not serious…


Well sorry for that Roman


@AF330 you have a strong point … No one knows if the crash is going to happen… @MishaCamp @Aernout please close this


@Sowhat215 it’s not me who you should be saying sorry to.


Jucelino Nobrega da Luz has predicted that I am going to become the president of France 😂😂

Well… We really should stop reading these stuff


Thread closed as nothing benefitial can come out of ‘crash predicting’ comments. Even if it’s a joke, it may be taken the wrong way.