A Couple Photos From My Trip to Italy

Hey everybody!
Last month I went on a school trip to Italy which was easily the best trip I ever have been on and likely ever will be on. I got a few photos of planes on my phone so they aren’t the best quality, but they still turned out to be pretty nice. I hope you like them :)

This first one was taken over the Alps somewhere over Austria while flying from Munich to Naples. The plane creating the contrail in the distance is a Singapore A388, route unknown but probably from London to Singapore based on my planes position.

These next two were taken at Naples airport in Italy. The first is looking out the window from my seat at an Easy Jet A319, and the second is of our plane after we de-boarded onto the bus that would take us to the terminal. (We were a little delayed because one of the people on the trip lost their passport on the plane 🤭)

This next one is lower quality, but it was taken while leaving Venice en-route to Frankfurt for our flight back to New York. It was a sad flight since we were leaving 😭

Finally, taken at Frankfurt while taxiing to 7C for our departure, the sun was setting so I was able to catch this beautiful picture

I hoped you like my photos, they were taken on my phone so the quality is decent at best, they were also edited. I apologize for all the writing but this trip meant a lot to me so I had to share it. Also If anyone here in the community is from Italy I’m unimagineably jealous of you as I honestly love Italy more than the U.S. :)

On an unrelated note if anyone is going to the Embry-Riddle event this weekend I’m going as well.


Great photos! 😄

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OOH that first picture is awesome! Love how close you are to that Etihad aircraft!

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(It’s Singapore :)


To be honest at first glance I thought you were getting escorted by a fighter in the first photo


Awesome photos!!! You must’ve enjoyed the flight experience as well!

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