A Couple of Wings and a Few Legs

I started a journey from PAJN to EHAM in an A318 that’ll involve multiple legs, hope to have fun!

This is the departure from runway 26 😍

I’ll keep posting here until I’m finished!


Nice Topic! I’m excited to see how it’ll turn out!

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Nice! I can’t wait to see the rest of your trip!

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Good luck ! Have a great flight 😄

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Nice! Where are you planning to stop?

Looks at notes. You could probably fly from PAJN-EHAM without any stops

I just flew into Seattle!

Got a few photos along the way!

@anon2063420 it’s about the journey, not the destination 😉

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My next leg will be KSEA to KDEN tomorrow afternoon!

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This is quite unique. Usually people just post screenshots of there flight but this seems to be really interesting. I can’t wait to see where else you fly too and these photos look really nice as well.


You’re lucky that you have enough time to do this ☹️

Good luck!


Arrived at Denver! The flight was rough but the scenery was gorgeous 😍

There won’t be a leg tomorrow, but Thursday afternoon’s flight will be KDEN to KATL!

Nice! You can even fly over airports and think about flying there on your free time.

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Ran short on time to fly to Atlanta and decided to call it a day at KSTL, it was mostly the plains so I decided not to capture anything.

The next flight will be KSTL to KBOS either tomorrow or Sunday, time will tell!

Landed at KBOS! Got one capture, sorry for the low quality.

The next flight will be to CYHZ sometime soon!

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