A Couple Issues with 22.6 Update - YSCN

Hello all,
I’ve been having a look at my home airport (YSCN) in Infinite Flight as it just became 3D and I have a couple of problems, if you will.

As seen in the below photo, all gates/parking are put in twice. Not a big issue but thought I’d let someone know.

My other issue happens to be this exact parking space called “Altocap hanger 1”. As a frequent student of Altocap flight school I can say that Altocap doesn’t have any hangers, all their aircraft are parked on the grass storage area. While they do use the scouts hanger and aircraft next door, they are restricted to parking on the grass area outside the hanger. This hanger belongs to a tire company and in fact (if we want to be pedantic) it isn’t a hanger at all.

I do want to say thank you for updating YSCN, it’s very much appreciated, those are my tips for say a final touch up.

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Hi James,

Thanks for pointing out and providing us with the above information. I’ll pass this on to the editor responsible for YSCN.

Take care!


Hey James,

I’ll get those issues fixed up now. Cheers for the heads up :)

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